Jimmy Fallon Opened The Golden Globes With A La La Land Parody

And resurrected Barb from *Stranger Things*...

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La La Land might not have opened in UK cinemas yet (it arrives on 14th January - go and see it), but you're about to become very well acquainted with its opening number, courtesy of Jimmy Fallon.

The US chat show host recreated the film's first big musical number to kick off the 74th annual Golden Globes ceremony - and naturally, he recruited a whole host of his famous pals to do so.

Ryan Reynolds, Justin Timberlake, Nicole Kidman and Tina Fey all popped up in the clip, which parodies 'Another Day Of Sun,' a show-stopping number which takes place on a grid-locked motorway in Los Angeles.

In this case, though, it was the red carpet that was grid-locked - with limosines, naturally - with Fallon emerging from his ride to dance down the red carpet with the likes of Nicole Kidman, Amy Adams and Evan Rachel Wood (we even spotted a rogue Stormtrooper...)

The action then cut to a slumbering Kit Harington (a homage to that Jon Snow moment from the most recent season of Game Of Thrones, before the kids from Stranger Things jumped in to steal the show with their rapping skills (you couldn't make this up...)

Perhaps the best moment, though, came when Barb, the unlikely star (and fashion icon) of last summer was apparently brought back from the dead. After her Stranger Things castmates introduced her with a rap, she emerged triumphantly from the swimming pool that marked her watery downfall in the Netflix show, followed by the sort of synchronised swimming that should win gold at the Olympics.

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Even if Barb doesn't make a return for the second season of Stranger Things, at least we were blessed with this brief but beautiful moment.

Next up was Jimmy's take on La La Land's moody piano ballad, 'City of Stars,' with Ryan Reynolds filling in for Ryan Gosling on whistling duties (yep, our head hurts too...) Then, Fallon took to the stars with none other than Justin Timberlake, in a bromantic recreation of La La Land's soon-to-be iconic planetarium scene.

'You’re going to watch it and say, "Oh, I can’t believe they’re in this — whoa, this is cool! Oh, that person!”' Fallon told Us earlier this week. 'A lot of fun cameos, Fun, and friendly, and joyous, and cool. It will put you in a good mood. I’m excited.'

The fact that Damien Chazelle's musical is already being parodied is perhaps a sign of how quickly La La Land, a cinematic love letter to the musicals of Old Hollywood, has made its mark on the popular consciousness.

The film tells the story of aspiring actress Mia, played by Emma Stone, and jazz musician Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) as they attempt to pursue their dreams of stardom under the bright lights of contemporary Los Angeles. Met with critical applause on the film festival circuit, it's picked up nominations in several major categories at tonight's Golden Globes, and is thought to be on the way to Oscar glory.

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