Jessie J Misses The Point On Leaked Nudes As A Third Wave Of The Fappening Hits The Internet

The singer seems to basically blame celebrities for people hacking their private photos...


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Following the 4Chan-based leak of hundreds of celebrity nudes and threats to release more of 101 female celebrities, nicknamed ‘The Fappening’ online (‘fap’ is slang for wanking, it’s meant to sound like it…), a third wave of nude celebrity photos has reportedly been leaked. These ones allegedly show images of a naked Cara Delevingne, a naked Jennifer Lawrence (yep, there are people out there that still want to see more naked pictures of her, like the first 60 weren’t enough for them to get their violation-kicks) and a clothed Anna Kendrick, er, ‘partying.’

This comes just as Jessie J’s been doing lots of promo for Bang Bang, her new single with Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande, which reached number one in the UK charts last night. What have the two things got to do with each other? Well, we’d have thought that Jessie, being a young celebrity – one who, might we add, is presumably mates with Ariana, who herself was an alleged victim of The Fappening* – might be a bit more sympathetic to the women whose images were leaked.

But when asked about the photos on Alan Carr’s Chattyman show, she (admittedly, reluctantly) got drawn into the debate. 'You know what’s funny, I got asked my opinion – I didn’t even want to talk about this – ’ she said, according to The Metro. ‘– but hey – someone was like “What do you think about it?” and I was like: “Well…I’ve been in a lot of long-distance relationships, and as a woman, you need to throw down some stuff to make sure you hold down your man, right?’

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Ew. We’re all for adults sexting one another in private, and it totally should be private, but if you’re doing it to ‘hold down’ your man, you’re doing it for the wrong reasons. But we get she was momentarily putting herself in the shoes of the women who’ve been hacked. She then continued: ‘But I do think it’s awful. I think it’s disgusting that peple find pleasure in leaking stuff.’

It was fine there, just about. But then she continued.

‘But at the same time, if you’re famous and you’re sending naked photos, I do think you kind of have to know that they may be put out there. Should I say that? I’m kind of waiting – I was going to say “waiting for mine to come out.”’

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Um. That’s where we totally part with Jessie’s way of thinking on this. Should women – and it is women – really expect their private property to be hacked and invaded, just because they're in the public eye? And not even in the public eye – this sort of revenge porn has been happening to 'real' girls too. It’s a bit like telling people not to use online banking in case their card details get stolen, when actually we should be telling people not to spend their days hacking private images on the internet – it’s not like there’s a lack of naked photos of women out there.

*Ariana has denied that the images purporting to be leaked nudes of her are actually of her

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