‘Jessica Jones’ Will Have A Major Shake Up Next Season

And it's about time too...

jessica jones

by Emma Firth |

Fans of Daredevil or Buffy will no doubt have binge-watched the first series of Jessica Jones on Netflix in one sitting. The superhero-turned-private detective, played by Krysten Ritter, was just what the Marvel world needed in an age of Batman v Superman.

‘I don’t look like superheroes that we’ve all seen in that female form with the outfit and the boobs and the big hair – that’s just not me,’ Krysten revealed last year. Adding that her character is 'everything a woman, can be…She’s tough, strong and very cool.’

And now the producers are sending a clear message that we need to empower women both on and off-screen, as Variety reports that every single episode will be directed by a woman in season two. The show’s executive producer Melissa Rosenberg revealed the news during a panel discussion of the role of women in television at 'Transforming Hollywood 7: Diversifying Entertainment'.

It's a major fist pump moment for female directors. Although we will have to wait a while, as Jessica Jones is looking at a likely 2018 release date…It can’t come soon enough.

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