Everything You Need To Know About Jennifer Lopez’s Two Sisters

JLo is very close to her family - especially her two sisters.

Jennifer Lopez sisters

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Did you know JLo has two sisters? Jennifer Lopez comes from a very tight knit family - and the internet is still very interested in the superstars siblings.

On International Women's Day last year, Jennifer took to Instagram to celebrate the important women in her life, posting a carousel of images posing with those women. The caption read, ‘ Happy #InternationalWomensDay!!! Each and every day I am inspired by so many talented, incredible and amazing women. We truly make the world go ‘round. From my inspirations in life to my beautiful family and friends … today and every day is your day... we celebrate and honor you.'

The picture that caught fans attention features her two sisters Leslie Ann Lopez and Lynda Lopez, who she also tagged in the post. Jennifer is actually the middle child sandwiched between the youngest Lopez, Lynda, and oldest, Leslie. The siblings grew up in The Bronx with parents Guadalupe and David, and while Jennifer has homes around the United States, the rest of her family have remained in New York, where she often visits, especially during the holidays.

Here is everything you need to know about JLo's sisters...

Who is Leslie Lopez?

Turns out, music runs in the family. Jennifer’s oldest sister Leslie is a music teacher at a charter school in the Bronx, New York. Over the years she has stayed away from the spotlight – despite the mega stardom of her little sister JLo.

Recently JLo's younger sister Lynda Lopez shared a rare candid picture of Jennifer helping Leslie blow out the candles on her birthday cake. In the caption, Lynda wrote, 'Grateful for sisters… Hope you got to spend the day around a table with loved ones. Counting my blessings today. #HappyThanksgiving!'

In 2002, Jennifer appeared on The Oprah Winfrey show and the talk-show host surprised her with a video from her sisters. The siblings admitted they don't like doing interviews about their superstar sibling, but made an exception for Oprah. In the interview Leslie revealed, 'As a kid, Jen was the ringleader. Anything that was concocted was usually her idea.' She added, 'She's always my sister. She's a famous movie star to all of you, but not to me. She's still my sister. She's still my little pain in the butt sister.'

Check out the sweet video here:

Does Leslie Lopez have children?

Leslie has two children, Steven and Brendon. In 2017, JLo took to Instagram to praise the hard of work her sisters second born, Brendon. She penned the caption, 'This is Brendon, my sister Leslie's second child. They were the one person selected to represent their school at #globalyoungleadersconference in Washington, D.C. And I couldn't be more proud! Brendan is strong and smart and loving and obviously a leader!! Titi Jenn loves you!'

Who is Lynda Lopez?

Lynda, 50, is the youngest of the Lopez sisters, and unlike Leslie, she hasn’t shied away from the spotlight. Lynda has also found herself in front of the camera - but as a journalist, author, radio presenter and producer. She co-founded Nuyorican Productions and is responsible for movie hits like Hustlers and Apocalypse of Ice.

Lynda worked on Fox 5 Live, ABC and Good Day New York as an anchor and co-anchor. In 2001, the youngest Lopez won a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Morning News Program. Her most recent role was as an anchor at WCBS 880 but she stepped away from the position in February. Lynda can often be seen at JLo's side at red carpet events. She even travelled with her sisters 2019 It’s My Party tour.

Although Jennifer has said before that she's always been close to her sisters, it's Lynda that she considers her best friend. In an 2014 interview with HuffPost Live JLo explained, 'We've always been close. I don't know, we've just always kind of been best friends in that way.'

During the Oprah Show back in 2002, she was still grappling with the idea of her sister being famous. She said, 'I don't why it makes me laugh, I'm like 'All these people are here to see my goofball sister.' It's the only thought that goes through your head. It's like, I can't believe these are people that are here to see, Jen, my goofy sister who ran around in her underwear in our house when we were little.'

Does Lynda Lopez have Instagram?

Yes, to follow her latest career moves or to catch a glimpse of the behind the scenes of JLo's red carpet appearances, she can be followed on @lyndalopez08

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