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Jennifer Lawrence Just Reached Peak J. Law Relatability At The Oscars

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Jennifer Lawrence might be a four time Oscar nominee, one time Best Actress winner and full time Dior spokesmodel, but she’s still ever so relatable - or at least, she’s such a great actress that she’s mastered the art of being relatable and has had us fooled for the past half-decade, in which case we’re still impressed.

After her infamous tumble onto the Dolby Theatre’s stage while accepting her little gold man in 2013, her well-documented photobomb at the Golden Globes in 2014 and her no filter approach to red carpet chatter, you’d be forgiven for thinking that when it comes to awards shows, Jennifer has already reached peak Jennifer Lawrence. However, you’d be wrong, because this year’s Oscars show saw the actress prove once again that, despite the glittering Dior gown and the million dollar paycheque, she’s still one of us, but with better hair. And the incident in question? It involved said Dior gown, a star-studded auditorium and a precariously full glass of wine. See? Relatable.

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Once she’d moved from the red carpet into the theatre itself, it appears that Jennifer grabbed a glass of wine before swooping in for an ever-so-casual chat with acting legend Meryl Streep. After her tete-a-tete with Meryl, she headed off to find her seat, but overshot it by one row. Remaining cool in the face of a minor mishap, Jennifer did what we’d probably all do in the same situation – checked to see whether anyone was looking (her seat neighbour Salma Hayek had turned the other way) before hitching up the Dior gown to leap over the seats in order to get to her allocated place, all while expertly carrying her glass of wine. It’s a manoeuvre that we’ve all attempted over the years, albeit probably in a slightly less fancy gown than Ms. Lawrence. Preserving wine at all costs: definitive proof that Jennifer is a true Hollywood hero.

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