Jennifer Lawrence Tells Dior To Make ‘More Accessible’ Dresses After THAT Fall

Dior are pretty cool with her to let her poke fun at them...


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Around this time last year, Jennifer Lawrence wore a long, white Dior dress, and she fell in it because she was thinking about cakewalks. And it wasn’t at any event. It wasn’t in her home, or in a club. It was at the Academy Awards. The Oscars. Tripping up the stairs to collect her award, the image went viral and basically helped her get known as not only an Oscar-winning actress, but the sort of Oscar-winning actress to trip, fall, and laugh the whole thing off.

Now, safe in the knowledge that Dior loves her – she’s just signed a new $15m (£9m) deal with the brand – she appears in a behind-the-scenes video shoot for her third campaign for the brand, and basically has a bit of a pop at the designers for making the dress so restrictive. Doing the normal spiel about feeling proud of wearing a gorgeous Dior creation, spoken slowly and huskily over an elegant piano track, like she’s talking to you in the candlelit spa of a palatial hotel or something, she was allowed to be a bit her. ‘I do obviously have very special memories of the dress I wore to the Oscars.

'Some fun, some not. They need to make it more accessible for stairs in my opinion.’

Which is all very refreshing. Normally these sorts of videos are a bit trite and lah-di-dah, but it’s good to see that Dior know that, paying for Jennifer Lawrence, they’re not going to get anything but actual, normal, says-what-she-likes Jennifer Lawrence.

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