Jennifer Lawrence Is Now A Pop Star. Seriously.

She's gone through the whole trajectory of an X Factor winner in just a couple of weeks...


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In the past couple of weeks, Jennifer Lawrence has taken the full trajectory of the average X Factor contestant post-win. She’s gone from insisting that she really can’t sing, to displaying a pretty good voice, to getting to number 29 in the UK charts.

How did that come about? Certainly not through Simon Cowell – the whole point of The Hunger Games is that it’s a dystopian parody of The X Factor’s bear-baiting. Or, well, a rip off of Battle Royale. Anyway, we digress. It all started when Jennifer had to sing a song while playing Katniss in the latest Hunger Games instalment. She explained her fear of singing to David Letterman on his chat show, saying she sounds like a ‘tone-deaf Amy Winehouse’.

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But then, a whole bunch of people heard her singing in The Hunger Games – the film has well and truly smashed the box office, whatever that is, raking in $275million worldwide – and realised she wasn’t that bad at all.

Though she only sings for a tiny portion of the film, enough people have snapped it up (as part of Lorde’s much-appreciated curated soundtrack of the film) for it to get to number 29 in the UK charts, reports ITV.

That’s not absolutely incredible, but it’s pretty good going for a debut with little direct promotion. Plus, there are a few more days left until Sunday, when the top 40 comes in, so who knows who else might be snapping up the song.

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Want to hear what it sounds like? Well it’s right here:

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If you can’t listen right now, it’s a bit of a medieval-chanty song. Jennifer’s voice is pretty sultry and deep, a bit like her fellow actress-turned-one-time-singer, Scarlett Johansson. And then a big choir comes in because, you know, why not?

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