Jennifer Lawrence Has A Crush On A Man Old Enough To Be Her Grandfather

She has a very real 'below the belt' attraction for Larry David


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Chris Martin may be over a decade older than her, but he’s not exactly what Jennifer Lawrence considers ‘older man’ material, at least not when you hear who her celebrity crush is: 67-year-old comedian Larry David.

‘Do you like Curb Your Enthusiasm?” J-Law asked an interviewer. 'Do you like Larry David? I’m in love with him, and I have been for a really long time.’ The revelation is part of a cover story for Vanity Fair, in which she also talksabout the nude photo hack for the first time.

And never one to filter herself for the sake of being politically correct, Jennifer also admits she has a more professional-style crush on Woody Allen, and that one is definitely not sexual: 'I worship Woody Allen, but I don’t feel it below the belt the way I do for Larry David.’

This penchant for older men seems to be in line with her idea of a perfect relationship, which is essentially based on staying home and watching bad TV. ‘Basically, what I’m saying is all I need in a relationship is somebody to watch TV with me,’ she says, going on to list a string of reality TV shows she’s addicted to, including ‘Shark Tank. Wait, Oh, *Dance Moms – that is a good one. OK, maybe my favourite is Dance Moms, but I do love my Real Housewives. But there’s also Doomsday Preppers. Hoarders is OK – I find it gets a little boring after a while, but it’s great. I love Intervention, New York Housewives *and Beverly Hills, New Jersey, and Atlanta Housewives. I mean, I love them all, but Miami – oh, my God! Miami is really special.’

In addition to sharing a love for bad-slash-awesome television, the Oscar winner really just wants someone who is into having a drama-free, chilled relationship in which they can both be themselves. She wants someone so relaxed, in fact, that they’re not afraid to fart in front of her.

Interestingly (er, tellingly?), she asks: ‘Isn’t boring so much better than passion?’, and while she doesn’t refer to Chris Martin by name, you have to assume she's enjoying that exact farting, reality TV-watching, endearingly boring relationship right now. ‘I don’t like fighting, and I find argumentative people the most annoying people on the planet. Like, why do you still want to be fighting? It’s just unattractive,’ she says, which makes it sounds like this pair are 100% still in the OMG-we-never-fight-it's-amazing honeymoon period.

BTW Jen, we love Real Housewives, too. Anytime you want someone to watch TV with, we’re totally available.

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