Jemima Kirke Doesn’t Want You To Think She Actually Is Jessa

She’ll also be reading your commentary on the new series of Girls v closely…


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Girls is back for a new season, and with it, Jessa is in some trouble. We won't spoil it for you die-hard fans who are waiting for it to come out on Sky instead of finding some ingenious way of dodging firewalls and proxy server thingyumies so you can buffer up a bulkily-pixellated version of season three, episode one, with Chinese subtitles cluttering up the bottom half of the screen. But let's just say Jessa's put into a new situation to test her louche behaviour.

However, Jemima Kirke, who plays the ethereal layabout, has made it clear that she doesn't want people to think that she is similar to the character she plays, though. When talking about the possibility of using her own art as a prop in the series Jemima says she considers herself, first and foremost, as an artist – and doesn’t want to blur the boundaries of life and art. 'Already, for some reason, people think I’m Jessa, and I think that would just push it over the edge for me. I think it would be too confusing for people,'[


So does the confusion between her and her alliterative character annoys her? 'I sometimes try to explain that away and explain that it’s not the case. It’s easy to do that, I suppose, to associate the person with the character. I guess.'

One thing Jemima does which we know boho Jessa would never do, is read all of the comments underneath articles about Girls. She told Vulture: 'It surprises me how stupid people can be. It surprises me how many women hate other women, or feel uncomfortable with themselves. There’s a good portion of women who are offended by the show, which I do find strange.'

She thinks the outrage that greeted some scenes last season just shows that that some people's expectations of reality are flawed. ‘"Like Patrick Wilson would sleep with her!?" You know what? He might, and in this story, he did! And why does that bother you? Is it not realistic enough, or is it that you haven’t seen it in other shows in movies enough?'

So there is one similarity between Jess and Jemima then: feistiness.

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