This Is The Most Relatable Jay-Z Has Ever Been

I'd rather be on the beach...

This Is The Most Relatable Picture Of Jay-Z Ever

by Phoebe Parke |
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The Internet is a lawless place, they do things differently there.

No one is safe from the swift hands of meme makers and photoshoppers, even multimillionaire Jay-Z can be ruthlessly mocked on Twitter, a platform he hasn’t used since 2017.

A picture of Jay-Z looking like a cautious dad on a jet ski has gone viral, and we have so many questions.

Why is he wearing a helmet? Why does he look so worried? How come Beyoncé is having so much fun and he looks genuinely terrified?

The memes have become more and more inventive as time goes on.

Some pointed out that Jay-Z usually looks pretty awkward doing sports.

Others made him into a video game character.

And some compared him to Minions character Dr. Nefario who uses a mobility scooter.

As it turns out, the picture is actually two years old – I told you the internet is a strange place.

It was taken in August 2016 during a family trip to Italy with Blue Ivy before twins Sir and Rumi were born. And yes, Jay-Z was made into a meme back then too.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z are on holiday right now, hence the confusion around the date of the picture.

From the snaps shared on Instagram, they look much happier than on the Italian holiday where the jet ski picture was taken. I mean, shoes are off, button down shirts are being worn, and is that a Corona in the left hand corner?!

Maybe all Jay-Z wants to do is hang out with his family and drink beer, not jet across the sea in a safety vest. Pretty relatable if you ask me. Someone get him a 'I'd rather be on the beach' shirt ASAP.

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