Jason Segel’s Mum Cried At His Penis In Forgetting Sarah Marshall

The actor reveals some other home truths to make us fancy him more, like his creepy puppet collection…


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We all know and love Jason Segel, the funny guy who got his willy out in the opening scenes of Forgetting Sarah Marshall, melted our hearts when he briefly dated Michelle Williams (the actress, not the gospel-singing one from Destiny’s Child). Well, here are now even more things out there to love about the writer and actor, as we’ve learned from an interview withVanity Fair.

First up, when his mum saw him naked in Forgetting Sarah Marshall (in a scene he had written himself, and gets to waggle his willy around in the vicinity of Mila Kunis), ‘She cried.’ Subsequently, she sent an email to their family saying: ‘I would like to inform you all that Jason has chosen to do full-frontal nudity, however, it is not gratuitous and is essential to the plot.’ Which is pretty cute.

As well as that, he plays the piano, can learn a song on the guitar in two weeks if you give him the music, and ‘toys’ with the ukulele. If that wasn’t enough of a sign he is pretentious, instead of the other Hollywood stars who just say they’re pretentious, he has a collection of puppets of 15-30 figurines, but keeps them in a separate house to him as he realised just how weird it made him look to people visiting: ‘I used to live in there, and then I realised that it was incredibly creepy to have visitors over, because I just looked like a total weirdo.’

A loveable weirdo, though.

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