We Could Watch Jaden Smith Posing Outside Louis Vuitton All Day

In case anyone was wondering what he’s been up to lately

We Could Watch Jaden Smith Outside Louis Vuitton All Day

by Jazmin Kopotsha |

Anyone who isn’t fascinated by Jaden Smith has clearly not invested enough time following his life. He’s come a long way from being the cute little kid none of us clocked as being Will Smith’s IRL son in The Pursuit of Happyness. No more cutesy, feel-good filmmaking. Nuh uh. These days he’s making grown-up music and tweeting indecipherable words of ‘wisdom’ to his millions of Twitter followers. These days Jaden rocks super short peroxide hair a la Zayn Malik. These days, he goes to Louis Vuitton Paris Fashion Week shows and vibes the fuck out for the paparazzi.

Yep, Jaden was in the city of love this week and was spotted outside the Louis Vuitton spring 2018 show. Now, Jaden’s never been particularly camera shy. But his once signature brooding angst-filled gaze that accompanied the J Smith lip curl seems to have been replaced by something a bit more dynamic. We’re here for it. Why? Because have you ever seen someone so chill and not-chill at the same time? In case anyone was wondering how young Jaden has been doing, he seems pretty good to be fair. We want to be doing this good. Let’s examine…

Exhibit A


The air guitar meets the knee-jerk fist pump.

Exhibit B

The don’t look at me but also, do.

Exhibit C

The sun is my eye but I’m kind of okay with it because, dat glow tho.

Exhibit D

The Come. At. Me.

Exhibit E

The ‘yes I still remember everything Jackie Chan taught me on the set of the Karate Kid movie’.

Confused? Yeah us too a little bit. But that’s okay. I think Jaden wants us to be confused. But he did give us a little glimpse of what his pre-Louis Vuitton show routine may have been all about.

‘When Paris Fashion Week Moves To Fast So You Gotta Slow Down Time Real Quick’, he tweeted with a picture of himself outside the show.

Thanks for clearing that up Jaden. Totally with you now…

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