Who Is Jacob Sartorius: Meet The 13-Year-Old Superstar You’re Too Old To Have Heard Of

Jacob Sartorius is more famous than most of the celebs you know. And yet, because of your advancing years, he's off your radar. Here's you NTK to stay relevant.

Who Is Jacob Sartorius: Meet The 13-Year-Old Superstar You're Too Old To Have Heard Of

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There comes a time in everyone's life when they realise they're getting old. For me it was when I realised that there were a whole bunch of internet famous kids that I'd never heard of. And no, these aren't Youtube stars, these kids are Musers and, to give you an idea of *how *famous they are - their social media followings are similar in size to those of Hailey Baldwin, Brooklyn Beckham or Blac Chyna.

Jacob Sartorius is one of these people. He''s got 5.6m followers on Instagram, his debut solo single* Sweatshirt* has had 30m views on YouTube and he's got 1.5m subscribers.

So, what is a muser?

Well, its someone who's made it big on Musical.ly which, in case you don't know, is an app that allows users to create videos with sound so they can, amongst other things, mime to songs and create their very own music video. In May 2016, just three months after it was released, Musical.ly already had 20 million active users in the United States. As of July, this number had grown to 90 million. Jason Derulo has released a video on it, there's 12 million Musical.ly videos posted a day. The kids that make it big on Musical.ly are Musers. They've got their own category at the Teen Choice Awards.

Jacob Sartorius is one of these kids. Here's your need to know on the kid that's so famous you've never heard of him.

What age is Jacob Sartorius?

He's literally 13. Oh my gosh. What is this world.

What height is Jacob Sartorius?

Jacob is 5 foot 4 inches. He is only 13.

What is Jacob Sartorius' song Sweatshirt all about?

This is his first single. I'm not going to lie, it's not my cup of tea. But then I'm not the target audience. Also, does it look like it's been shot on an iPhone? Who knows. It probably has.

Where can I get my mitts on some Jacob Sartorius merch?

You can buy the actual Sweatshirt sweatshirt from the song because Jacob Sartorious is a wizard at merchandising. And as crooked as they come. A bloody poster costs $25! And that sweatshirt? $55. Daylight robbery that.

Is Jacob Sartorius even his real name?

The plot thickens. Not only is Jacob Sartorious sketchy af when it comes to pricing his merch, Jacob isn't even his real name! It's Rolf. Jacob is his middle name. I feel like I don't even know you at all Rolf.

What is Jacob Sartorius on Snapchat

Yep, in case connecting with Rolf on Twitter, Vine, YouTube, Musical.ly and Facebook wasn't enough, you can get him on Snapchat too JacobSartorious.

Jacob Sartorius on Instagram

Not gonna lie, it's a lot of selfies. Like this one here. Get him on @JacobSartorious


Why is everyone so obsessed with Jacob Sartorius' number?

The amount of people searching for Jacob's number is INSANE. Every post he puts up is full of commenters claiming they know his number. Website We Are Unicorns clicked through to the sites advertised by these users and claimed to have found some pretty scary stuff. They are calling for Google to restrict these sites in order to keep young people out of danger. Then there's this girl who rather ingeniously put her brother's number on Jacob's page. Then sat back to watch him try and field the calls.

So it all started with Jacob Sartorius on Vine?

Vine is the tool to Jacob's success. He made Musical.ly videos and then posted to Vine. Here is some of his early work.

And what is Jacob Sartorius on Twitter

It's @JacobSartorious and he posts a lot of deep stuff man. Stuff like 'Don't ever feel like you have to be somebody else, just be you and that's amazing!' and 'DUDE IT WOULD BE SO COOL IF WE ALL MET UP AND PLAYED TAG!! (p.s. I would win)'.

Does Jacob Sartorius have a girlfriend?

Not if his Twitter is anything to go by. He's posted twice in the last week about needing a 'cute' relationship. He's very good at hinting to his fans that he is looking for love.

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