iPhone Corrects To ‘Kardashian’ When You Type This Rude Word

Was this just a strange coincidence? Or did a disgruntled programmer have his wicked way?

iPhone Corrects To 'Kardashian' When You Type This Rude Word

by Jess Commons |
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Type 'lardass' into your iPhone. Go on. Just do it. Open up a text message and type l-a-r-d-a-s...

What happens? 'Kardashian' shows up right? Right.


Yesterday, Twitter users noticed the (maybe) glitch and took great delight in screenshotting their new find - with many revelling in the suggestion that an Apple employee with a Kardashian Komplex might have engineered this 'glitch' in the operating system.

To be fair - all the letters needed for 'lardass' can be found situated on the QWERTY keyboard in very similar locations to those needed for the first six letters of 'Kardashian' - so who knows - maybe this *was *just an innocent mistake.

One damming piece of evidence against Apple though? Users first noticed the quirk back in 2013 - there's been three major iOS updates for iPhone since then and Apple don't exactly seem like the kind of company to overlook 'mistakes' made in previous operating systems.

It's a big fat 'HMMMMM' from us.

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