Inside The Selfie Palace: This Is What Kylie Jenner’s Old House Looks Like

Beautiful with lots of shiny, reflective surfaces. Obvs.

Inside The Selfie Palace: This Is What Kylie Jenner’s Old House Looks Like

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What does your average 19-year old’s house look like? Maybe she’s at university, sharing a place with some pals. It’s an organised mess at the best of times, with borrowed furniture strategically positioned to hide the patches of damp that the landlord refuses to do anything about. Or, maybe she’s still at home under the watchful eyes of her parents which is great and all but also only having your childhood bedroom to retreat to after a long day of adulting isn’t always ideal.

The there’s Kylie Jenner - taker of selfies, wearer of lip kits and kween of the Instagram waves. She is no average 19-year-old. Now, it’s common knowledge among pop culture know-it-all’s and Keeping Up With The Kardashian enthusiasts that Kylie does not live at home with Kris and she certainly isn’t secretly deeply concerned about whether or not the mould behind her bedroom curtains affecting her respiratory system.

But, if you wanted a clear picture of what Kylie’s temporary home does look like though (she’d been renting it while her actual home was being renovated, apparently), now’s your chance. The Beverly Hills mansion that Kylie once called home has just been put on the market over on Zoopla for a casual $35 million. Safe to say we’ve seen more than a few glimpses of her bathroom before, like here:

And here:

And here:

Lots of light and reflective surfaces for all the selfie taking, of course. But now we can all sit and have a peak at the real deal and go through the gentle emotional turmoil of not being able to look away at this insanely beautiful house with tennis courts, a wine cellar, and big screen theatre that we’ll never be able to afford while we internally question own homes, life choices and very existence. Let’s take a tour.

The view from Kylie Jenner’s house


All celebrity gardens have a pool. It’s a pre-requisite. No surprises. I blame MTV Cribs. Not jealous of those palm trees at all.

The most famous bathroom on Instagram

Yep, here’s a full view of the bathroom we’ve become so familiar with. Lots of marble, lots of cool greys and off white and, of course, lots of reflective surfaces.

The other view of Kylie Jenner’s bathroom

Here’s another view of the bathroom from the other end. Or maybe it's a different bathroom decorated in exactly the same way. I don't know. I'm not good at optical illusions. There are so many mirrors. So much marble.

So this is what kitchen dreams are made of

I bloody love a kitchen. It continues the very minimal, unobtrusive theme of monochrome. All the better to photograph with, because nothing distracts from a selfie more than a busy background. Also wondering how helpful that ladder actually is and whether or not Kylie has ever climbed it.

This is where Kylie Jenner sunbathes

See those sun loungers in the distance behind the pool? I’m almost positive that we’ve seen on of those with actual Kylie Jenner sat upon it somewhere on Instagram. Ten points for whoever can stalk far back enough to find it.

This is where Kylie Jenner almost definitely doesn’t lounge

God it’s beautiful, isn’t it? But the sort of beautiful that remains untouched and un-lounged in because it’s too beautiful to exist in. Big windows and patio doors to let lots of that Californian sunshine all over those pretty coffee table books that haven’t been touched since they were ever so thoughtfully placed there.

Images from Trulia and The MLS

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