Inside Dakota Johnson And Jeremy Allen White’s Surprising Friendship

Dakota Johnson and Jeremy Allen White are pretty secretive when it comes to their friendship, but here’s everything we know

Inside Dakota Johnson And Jeremy Allen White’s Surprising Friendship

by Daisy Hall |
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At first glance, it could have been a new couple hitting the headlines. Could Dakota Johnson and Jeremy Allen White be dating?! Well, no, it turns out that’s not the case at all: Dakota and Jeremy are merely very close pals.

Now we love a surprising celebrity friendship here at Grazia. Nicola Coughlan and Jonathan Van Ness – yes please! Paris Hilton and Jack Whitehall – crazy but we see it! Dakota Johnson and Jeremy Allen White – we’re here for it!

In the entertainment industry it can seem like everyone knows everyone. And since Jeremy’s meteoric rise to fame on The Bear and his new status as the man of the moment (look, we’ve all seen those Calvin Klein pics) we can only assume that all the stars are clamouring to be his friend. Not Dakota though, because she and Jeremy have actually been friends for years. In fact, the Madame Web actress even attended Jeremy Allen White and Addison Timlin’s wedding back in 2019.

And then yesterday the pair reunited for a trip to Malibu Beach in California. Dakota donned a yellow bikini for the occasion, whilst Jeremy went for white swimming trunks as they swam and played in the sand with Jeremy’s two daughters Ezer Billie and Dolores White.

But how did Dakota Johnson and Jeremy Allen White’s friendship start? Where did they meet? And what’s the relationship between Dakota and Jeremy’s two daughters?

How did Dakota Johnson and Jeremy Allen White meet?

It’s unclear how Dakota and Jeremy originally became friends, but it’s thought to be through his ex-wife Addison Timlin. The link between Addison and Dakota isn’t obvious, but both Dakota and Addison are close friends with actor Blake Lee.

How long have Dakota Johnson and Jeremy Allen White been friends?

Seeing as neither Dakota or Jeremy have publicly revealed how they met, it’s not known how long the pair have been friends.

Is Dakota Johnson still friends with Jeremy Allen White’s ex-wife Addison Timlin?

Despite Addison filing for divorce from Jeremy in 2023 after three years of marriage, they have since been photographed together as they continue to co-parent, so it's not surprising that Dakota has managed to remain friends with both actors.

Who is Dakota Johnson’s Goddaughter?

Jeremy and Addison share two daughters: Ezer Billie and Dolores White, and Dakota is a Godmother to both of them.

In October 2023, Dakota proved that she was the greatest Godmother ever when she bought Ezer a mini pink SUV for her birthday.

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