The Hunger Games’ Natalie Dormer Blames ‘Lazy’ Industry For Only Ever Giving Her Bitchy Roles

The Game Of Thrones star also totally has Jennifer Lawrence's back...


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Natalie Dormer is pretty well-known for playing Machiavellian medieval sorts, such as Margaery Tyrell in Game Of Thrones or Anne Boleyn in The Tudors. However, as her role in* The Hunger Games* seems to show, she is capable of, you know, being an actress outside of the role of ‘conniving fair maiden’.

That’s a really simple way of putting what she so eloquently said to Nylon magazine: ‘I must have a variation on resting bitch face, like, maybe I have resting manipulative face, through no fault of my own.’

She added: ‘Don’t overestimate the occasional laziness and lack of imagination that can be found in this industry that continuously recasts you in roles you’ve already played.’

Oof. Hopefully that’s going to prick the ears of someone who might, one day, be able to cast her in something modern, or in a role where she isn’t the calculating beauty. But then again, she does do that role very well – maybe the problem is there aren’t enough variations on the ‘bitch’ out there?

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That said, she doesn’t seem to be too harsh IRL, as she explained her thoughts on the recent invasion of her Hunger Games co-star Jennifer Lawrence’s privacy by way of those leaked nude photos: ‘What Jen [Lawrence] went through recently was just horrific.

‘And I don’t think there’s any level of fame that can justify that kind of invasion into someone’s privacy, not to mention laws being broken. I mean, people just need to get a grip if they think that’s even halfway acceptable.’

Which is very well said – plus, it’s nice that while we get that JLaw herself might just want to leave the issue behind her, and not have to be a spokesperson for the offences committed against her, there are other women out there speaking up about how terrible it was.

And, just to leave this on another cheery note, when Natalie took the ‘Which Game Of Thrones Character Are You?’ quiz, she got Arya Stark. Go figure.

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