The Homeless Guy Miley Cyrus Brought To The VMAs Will Spend Six Months In Prison

Just weeks after accepting MIley Cyrus's award at the VMAs, he now faces prison


by Stevie Martin |
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Homeless Jesse Helt, 22, accepted Miley Cyrus’s VMA award this year in a bid to bring the issue of youth homelessness to public attention. And it worked – except now he’s been sentenced to spend six months in prison for violating his probation in 2010.

Shortly after causing a media furore by turning up to the awards ceremony with Miley, and accepting her award with a speech about the plight of homeless people everywhere, it soon became known that he was a wanted man in Oregon. Apparently, Jesse was arrested for breaking and entering the home of a man who had reportedly sold him bad marijuana, and he was given a 30-day jail sentence and probation.

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At some point after that, he stopped reporting to his probation officer, before meeting Miley Cyrus when the singer was doing a tour of Hollywood’s homeless centre My Friend’s Place. After intense media scrutiny, he turned himself in on 29 August and will now spend the next six months behind bars.

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