Hey Emma Watson, Can I Join Your Club?

Karlie Kloss

by Edwina Langley |
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What everyone needs when setting up something new – a blog, a website – is an A-lister to endorse it, right? Right. But what happens if you're already an A-lister – do you still need the celebrity thumbs up? The answer is, yes, of course. Why? Because... reputation!

With that in mind, we can but imagine the glee of Emma Watson when her new feminist book club received very public endorsement – from none other than model Karlie Kloss.

Posting to Instagram, the 23-year-old published a picture of herself on a bed reading Gloria Steinem's My Life On The Road – the first title book club members were encouraged to read.

She accompanied the picture with a caption saying: 'Hey @emmawatson, about that book club... Count me in!' How's that for a high five?!

But what about this book club...? Well, it's called 'My Shared Self', and gets its name from two tweets Watson posted earlier this month, asking fans for help with it.

Just a day later, she tweeted to say one had been found:

'I've decided to go with 'Our Shared Shelf', she wrote. '@emilyfabb - I absolutely loved this. Thank you, thank you x'.

Whilst we are certain Karlie Kloss won't be the last star to join the club – JK Rowling, you in? – before a host of them do, we're signing ourselves up pronto. Because it would be nice if, for once, it was the A-listers joining our bandwagon, wouldn't it?

Gloria Steinem, here we come...

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