Here’s Your Need-To-Know On Rocco Ritchie

We're kind of obsessed with his style, because instead of going ultra-modern, he's into throwbacks to, um...his mum...

Here’s Your Need-To-Know On Rocco Ritchie

by Sophie Wilkinson |
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So you think you know celebrity kids? How’s about Madonna’s oldest son, Rocco? Don’t worry, because we’re on hand to give you your need-to-know.

The 14-year-old, who’s her only child with ex-husband Guy Ritchie, was born in Los Angeles on August 11, 2000.

After a life half-in-half-out of the spotlight (his mum infamously banned him, like all her kids, from watching TV, but what use is that if he’s now got Instagram?), he now keeps a good 140,000 followers informed of his travels on the social network. And we’re pretty into him. In a friend way, obvs.

Most of the time he’s kicking back with mates and making injokes, which are bizarre yet strangely reassuring because, well, it shows how grounded he is. But other times he travels the world with his mum - as well as having been on world tours with her and the rest of his siblings, he’s visited Malawi, where his adopted siblings Mercy James and David Banda are from.

Maybe Madonna had a point with her no-TV rule, because Rocco’s now pretty outdoorsy; a keen skater, a bit of a stoner (we’re* just guessing* from the weed socks he wears) and a (now this is niche) parkour enthusiast. Also, a bit bizarrely, he seemed to turn up to June’s #EndAusterityNow protest in London, posting not only images from the march, but of some lads on the Tube borrowing his board and doing tricks at that mecca of skate, the Southbank’s unofficial skate park.

What’s so special about him, we find, is that instead of doing like Brooklyn Beckham and dressing like his sort-of-famous dad, (in Rocco’s case a film director who’s done things like Snatch and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels) he dresses like his mum.

And not his mum right now – all lace black bustiers and veils and berets and stockings – (though that would be cool), but his mum way back when in the late 80s/early 90s. So it’s all bleached blonde hair, large billowy tropical shirts and washed-out mum jeans.

He’s got a girlfriend he’s been seeing since October 2014 and though we’re not 100% on which school he goes to, because he seems to spend most of his time with his mum, it’s probably going to be one in New York. We also really wouldn’t be surprised if it was LaGuardia, the performing arts school his sister Lourdes (and, uh, Lady Gaga) have attended.

He’s also got musical inclinations, like his mum, who he used to rap and breakdance on stage with. But for the mean time, he’s just larking about, skating, growing his hair, and wearing some pretty cool T-Shirts

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