Here’s What Happens When Beyoncé Turns Up At Your University

Who Needs A Degree When You’re Schoolin’ Life, Right?

Here’s What Happens When Beyoncé Turns Up At Your University

by Eve Simmons |

Imagine you’re sat in a Media Law lecture, probably on Twitter, maybe having a nap. All of a sudden, there’s some sort of ruckus building from outside your lecture hall - but oddly enough. not the usual one-legged seagull. No, this time it’s not an injured bird that’s causing the screams, it’s actual BLOODY BEYONCÉ.

This was the very scenario on Tuesday for students of the University of Southern California, as queen Bey strutted onto campus. Unfortunately, she hadn’t enrolled in a Biochemistry degree, Bey had in fact popped down to practice in the University’s Athletic Centre for her Super Bowl 50 show next month.

Her dancers were dancing and rehearsing, they blocked everything down and the windows so nobody could see’, a source told E! News.

Despite the security henchmen’s best efforts, a 300-strong crowd gathered and obviously managed to post the evidence on social media. Here’s a collection of the best (most excitable) posts:

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