Princess Margaret Was Typically, Hilariously Rude To Helena Bonham Carter

Helena Bonham Carter's uncle was a lifelong friend of the Princess.

helena bonham carter

by Bonnie McLaren |

The next season of The Crown is almost upon us, and one of the things we are most excited to see is Helena Bonham Carter taking over Vanessa Kirby's role as Princess Margaret. And now, in a new interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the actress has spoken about how she’s approached the part – and how she actually knew the princess.

‘I wanted to do her justice,’ Bonham Carter said. ‘If someone does, as people said, behave rudely, there’s always a reason. It usually means that they’re unhappy.’

‘She was a lifelong friend of my uncle Mark,’ she added, explaining her relationship with the royal. ‘He was in the Grenadiers, I think, and he guarded Margaret and Elizabeth at Windsor. And then they met, and I think there was a romance. He was really dashing.’

Recalling when she met the princess, she described how ‘typical’ Margaret gave her a backhanded compliment. ‘Margaret was on her own with a drink in her hand and she talked to me,’ she added. ‘She said, “Oh, Helena, you are getting better, aren’t you, at acting.” Typical Margaret!'

It was previously reported in The Sun that Bonham Carter had ‘held seances’ to communicate with the spirit of Princess Margaret in a 2013 TV drama.


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