Helena Bonham Carter Throws (Playful) Shade At Co-Star Olivia Colman

The actress sassed her co-star and friend during an appearance of The Graham Norton Show in true Princess Margaret style.

The Crown - Season 3

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Helena Bonham Carter is ever the professional. The actress is starring in Netflix series The Crown, playing the notoriously rude royal Princess Margaret, and it seems she's taking her portrayal of the role very seriously, if her appearance on last night's Graham Norton Show is anything to go by.

The award-winner appeared alongside her co-star and friend Olivia Colman, and who plays Queen Elizabeth II on the show. After Graham quizzed Olivia on the rumours that she's not the best at researching her roles, Helena savagely shot back, ‘Understatement of the year.'

She then looked shocked at her own comment and quickly backtracked by hugging her pal as the audience roared with laughter. But she didn't stop there. The duo then chatted to Chadwick Boseman about his new movie 21 Bridges, which he said was set for release in 2022.

As Olivia asked him, 'Have you already filmed it?', Helena said, '2022. We’re not going backwards in time.'

Perhaps the fact Helena has been in touch with the royal through a medium has something to do with her embracing the character to such an extent. The Harry Potter actress revealed she'd contacted Princess Margaret's spirit, explaining, 'I actually went to see a friend about something else, but she has a talent for mediumship and she suddenly said, "Margaret is here. Does that mean anything?"'

'I hadn’t actually said yes [to the part] yet, but thought I’d ask her if I should take the role and she said, "You’ll be better than the other one."'

'There was actually someone else up for the part and it was typical of Margaret. I’d met her a few times and you never really knew where you were with her, she had a way of complimenting and putting you down at the same time.'


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The Crown real life versus TV USE - Grazia

queen elizabeth1 of 32

Queen Elizabeth II...

Season two sees Elizabeth more established in her role as Queen, but having to contend with a tumultuous political climate and tensions in her marriage.

the queen claire foy2 of 32
CREDIT: Netflix

Played by Claire Foy

The Crown marks the second time that Claire Foy has played a Queen: she previously starred as Anne Boleyn in the BBC's adaptation of Wolf Hall.

Queen Elizabeth II 1970s3 of 32
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Queen Elizabeth II...

After the tumult of seasons one and two, the third installment of The Crown should cover a happier period for Her Majesty, as she approaches her Silver Jubilee. She will, however, have her elder children's relationship dramas to contend with.

olivia colman the crown season three4 of 32
CREDIT: Netflix

Played by Olivia Colman (season three)

Olivia Colman steals the show in everything she stars in, from Peep Show to Broadchurch to Fleabag, and this, her biggest role yet, will undoubtedly bring her some well-deserved international acclaim. It takes a national treasure to play a national treasure, surely?

prince philip the crown5 of 32

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh...

Prince Philip actually only became a Prince of the United Kingdom in 1957, when it was announced that he'd be known as His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

prince philip the crown6 of 32
CREDIT: Netflix

Played by Matt Smith

Matt Smith's Philip becomes more of a central focus for The Crown's second season, which explores the Duke's place in the royal family while hinting at his rumoured infidelity.

princess margaret portrait7 of 32
CREDIT: STF/AFP/Getty Images

Princess Margaret...

Widely perceived as the Queen's 'wilder' sister, Margaret associated with a more bohemian circle in the 60s and 70s.

vanessa kirby the crown8 of 32
CREDIT: Netflix

Played by Vanessa Kirby

Prior to playing Princess Margaret, Vanessa balanced stage work with credits in film and TV productions like Great Expectations, About Time and Me Before You. She's also recently starred opposite Tom Cruise in the latest installment of the Mission Impossible franchise_._

princess margaret 1960s9 of 32
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Princess Margaret...

The Crown's resident historical expert Robert Lacey has already confirmed that season three will explore the tensions in Princess Margaret's marriage; it's thought that the new episodes will also feature her 'loving friendship' with garden designer Roddy Llewellyn.

the crown season three helena bonham carter10 of 32
CREDIT: Netflix

Played by Helena Bonham Carter (season three)

We can't wait to see what Helena Bonham Carter, a period drama veteran of the big and small screen, brings to the role of Princess Margaret. 'The only thing I can guarantee is that I'm shorter than Vanessa [Kirby],' she's joked.

queen mother11 of 32

Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother...

Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, was widely considered among the most popular members of the royal family, and was active in public life even as she turned 100.

victoria hamilton the crown12 of 32
CREDIT: Netflix

Played by Victoria Hamilton

Fan of Doctor Foster? Victoria Hamilton's turn as Gemma's neighbour Anna was certainly a contrast to her royal role as the Queen Mum.

king george iv13 of 32

King George VI...

Known as Bertie to his family, George VI never expected to become King. Upon the abdication of his older brother, however, the throne was his.

jared harris the crown14 of 32
CREDIT: Netflix

Played by Jared Harris

The son of actor Richard (aka Dumbledore from The Philosopher's Stone), Jared Harris' screen credits include Mad Men, Sherlock Holmes and Lincoln.

Antony Armstrong-Jones15 of 32

Antony Armstrong-Jones...

Antony Armstrong-Jones had a notoriously tempestuous relationship with Princess Margaret, but even after their 1978 divorce, he continued as the royal family's photographer of choice.

matthew goode the crown16 of 32
CREDIT: Netflix

Played by Matthew Goode

Matthew Goode is something of a period drama mainstay, having previously appeared in the likes of Downton Abbey, Brideshead Revisited and The Imitation Game.

lord snowdon 1970s17 of 32
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Antony Armstrong-Jones, Lord Snowdon

The new Lord Snowdon's biggest royal responsibility came in 1969, when he was asked to design the set for his nephew Charles' investiture as Prince of Wales at Caernarfon Castle. A famed fashion and portrait photographer, he tried to give the ceremony a more contemporary feel: the visiting dignitaries sat on minimalist red chairs, which were then made available to buy.

the crown season three ben daniels18 of 32
CREDIT: Netflix

Played by Ben Daniels (season three)

Ben Daniels' CV is nothing if not diverse. He's appeared on Broadway, had a recurring role in Netflix's House of Cards, and even starred in the US TV version of Jesus Christ Superstar (you know, the one with John Legend?) as judge Pontius Pilate. Musical episode of The Crown, please?

jackie kennedy19 of 32

Jackie Kennedy...

The Crown marks the second screen incarnation of former First Lady Jackie Kennedy of 2017: Natalie Portman earned an Oscar nod for unconventional biopic Jackie earlier this year.

jackie kennedy jodi balfour20 of 32
CREDIT: Netflix

Played by Jodi Balfour

South African actress Jodi Balfour most recently starred as DI Elaine Shephard in the BBC's police procedural Rellik; prior to that, her biggest role was in Canadian TV drama Bomb Girls .

john f kennedy21 of 32

John F. Kennedy...

John F. Kennedy made just one state visit to Buckingham Palace during his presidency, which took place in the summer of 1961. The real life events form the subject of 'Dear Mrs President' in The Crown's second season.

john f kennedy the crown22 of 32
CREDIT: Netflix

Played by Michael C. Hall

American actor Michael C. Hall is best known for his roles as the serial killer of the title in Dexter and as a mortician in Six Feet Under.

Edward VIII23 of 32

The Duke of Windsor, formerly Edward VIII...

Britain was gripped by scandal - not to mention a constitutional crisis - when King Edward VIII proposed to Wallis Simpson, an American divorcée who was still technically married to her second husband.

duke of windsor the crown24 of 32
CREDIT: Netflix

Played by Alex Jennings

Alex Jennings is another Crown star to have previously played a different member of the royal family on screen: he starred as Prince Charles opposite Helen Mirren in The Queen.

wallis simpson25 of 32

Wallis Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor...

Upon her third marriage, American socialite Wallis Simpson became the Duchess of Windsor, though she was never truly accepted by the royal family.

wallis simpson the crown26 of 32
CREDIT: Netflix

Played by Lia Williams

Alongside her TV roles, actress Lia Williams has starred in a number of plays, directed short films and runs a production company with her husband.

peter townsend real life27 of 32

Group Captain Peter Townsend...

A royal equerry from 1944 to 1953, Peter Townsend's romance with Princess Margaret caused a scandal due to his being recently divorced from his wife.

peter townsend the crown28 of 32
CREDIT: Netflix

Played by Ben Miles

Ben Miles has previously appeared in shows like Cold Feet, Coupling and the BBC's Shakespeare adaptation, The Hollow Crown.

Prince Charles and Princess Anne29 of 32

Prince Charles and Princess Anne...

Before Charles and Anne headed off to boarding school, they were educated by a governess at Buckingham Palace.

Prince Charles and Princess Anne30 of 32
CREDIT: Netflix

Played by Billy Jenkins and Lyla Barrett-Rye

Billy has previous appeared in Channel 4's Humans, while Lyla played a younger version of Romola Garai's title character in a recent adaptation of Emma.

lord mountbatten the crown31 of 32

Lord Mountbatten...

Philip's Uncle was born Prince Louis of Battenberg, a title which was dropped in anticipation of anti-German sentiment ahead of WWI. A descendent of Queen Victoria, he was also Elizabeth's second cousin once removed.

lord mountbatten the crown32 of 32
CREDIT: Netflix

Played by Greg Wise

You'll probably know Greg Wise for his role as the dashing but caddish Willoughby in the 1995 screen version of Sense and Sensibility (in which he starred opposite future wife Emma Thompson).

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