Hate Budget Airlines? Mischa Barton Knows Your Pain

Having to make two bags fit into one made her 'totally stressed out'...


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Budget airlines are perhaps the least glamorous part of traveling, up there with dysentery, ending a holiday with loads of change in a currency you’re never going to use again, and getting those strips of sunburn behind your knees. And even the rich and famous can agree with us on this.

Step in, Mischa Barton, who really can’t bear one air-travel company who didn’t let her on the plane with two bags. ‘I took a Ryanair flight once and I will never do that again. I was made to combine two bags of luggage into one at the boarding gate, which didn’t seem physically possible but I was forced to try,’ she said in an interview about travel.

‘So I was totally stressed out by the time I got on the plane.’ Ryanair, The Telegraph points out, has since changed its baggage policies.

However, that two-bags-one-bag anecdote – by the way, were they part of Mischa’s own brand of bags? We might never know :( – is where the similarities between us and Mischa Barton end. The face of oodles of health and vitamin supplements also said that her biggest bugbear on holiday is, ‘The paparazzi. They are always my least favourite part of a holiday. You could be on the most gorgeous beach, but if there are paparazzi there, it’s no longer such a fun place to be.’

She explained how the paps ambushed her when she was away on an island holiday: ‘You would not believe the lengths they go to in order to get a picture. I think they once actually let the air out in my tyres on purpose while I was on a trip to Formentera with my boyfriend at the time.’

‘So we were forced to come look at the car while the paparazzi, of course, took pictures of the whole scene. That is probably why I prefer holidays in the mountains because less of this usually goes on.’

What could she mean by this? Are the paparazzi afraid of mountains? Can their motorcycles not manage steep inclines? Or is it simply that they’re not going to pester Mischa when she’s got two ski-poles to hand?

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