The Real Reason Why Uma Jammeh Left Love Island

Uma Jammeh has spoken out and explained her reasoning for walking..

Uma Jammeh

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Love Island favourite Uma Jammeh has quit the show in an unexpected twist.

Rumours swirled earlier this week that Uma had shockingly walked from the villa, with last night's episode confirming the news. The decision came after Uma was chosen by bombshell Reuben Collins - leaving her partner Wil Anderson single. Wil was then brutally dumped from the island, prompting Uma to walk.

Opening up about her decision to leave, Uma said, 'I knew where my head and heart was at and it's with Wil, so I wanted to be true to my feelings for him.'

'We can't wait to just do normal things on the outside, stay inside and have a takeaway, and go on cute dates. Wil wants to take me to Whitley Bay to see where he's from, but we've also discussed him possibly moving to London, so I'm looking forward to the future with him. The only way is up from here.'

However, Uma's decision left many fans more than slightly baffled.

Why has Uma Jammeh left Love Island?

Although Uma and Wil reunited after the dramatic Casa Amor, Wil’s Casa antics left Uma devastated. During the show’s ever-so-explosive movie night, Uma was forced to watch scenes of Wil pursuing bombshell Lucy Graybill. One fan wrote on X, ‘Genuinely concerned why Uma didn’t completely shut Wil down after movie night. Turning the blindest of eyes to his red flags.’

In the aftermath of movie night, Uma confided to fellow islander Matilda, saying, ‘I’m so embarrassed, I really thought he was a different person. For [Wil] to sit there and be like, oh yeah, that’s my perfect type, that’s actually quite upsetting for me to hear.' Much to the shock of viewers, Wil refused to utter so much as a sorry – justifying his actions by saying he did what he felt like doing.

Uma and Wil smiling
Uma and Wil on Love Island, 2024 ©ITV

Many fans have been left shocked at Uma's choice to leave with Wil, especially given events of the past few days.

One fan wrote, ‘Wil is defo the worst of them all. Movie night proved that Uma didn’t know about the chat between Jessy and Wil, and she wasn’t aware his type was petite blondes, so she had no reason NOT to trust him during Casa. The difference in his behaviour must be so confusing.'

However, some fans think they may have spotted the exact moment Uma made up her mind to leave. While sat on the daybeds for a heart to heart, Wil attempted to convince the Love Island star that he was a changed man.

‘I would never have moved the way I did if we had have been closed off because I would have been loyal to you,’ he said. ‘Now I know what I want, I want to be fully walking out of here with you and I’ll do what it takes. I would leave now if you were to leave, I wouldn’t be hanging around.’

Far from a sweet admission, many fans branded the scene as manipulative. ‘So this is why Uma leaves,’ wrote one viewer on X (formerly Twitter), as another added, ‘OMG Wil said "I would leave the villa with you." Lord tell me Uma didn't fall for that.'

Another added, 'I don't know how many other ways Wil can show Uma he doesn't care about her or her feelings. Even to her face he's wicked.'

Uma’s time on the show saw her initially date fellow model Ayo Odukoya, before developing feelings for Wil. The couple had a slow burn start, before Casa Amor threw doubt onto their connection.

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