Harry Styles And Shania Twain’s Best #Twinning Moments

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Harry Styles Has The Most Unexpected Style Icon Ever

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If like me, you believe in the invisible power of nominative determinism, then you’ll know that Brit-pop sensation Harry Style’s name makes a lot of damn sense because he is, after all, one super stylish dude.

Styles’ style choices have always undoubtedly been the bravest and most unique of his ex-band mates. Somehow, Harry always seemed to shine a little bit brighter than the other four stars in One Direction, and that was mainly due to his refreshing individuality and sense of taste.

Nowadays, when you hear the name Harry Styles you’ll think distressed leather Hedi Slimane ankle boots, Burberry Prorsum trench coats and all-over printed Alessandro Michele Gucci suits, right?

Don’t be fooled though, this Cheshire native’s looks haven’t always been the high-end, polished perfection that we associate him with now, far from in fact. style has come a very long way.

As the years have gone by, his outfits have become far more refined and thought out. You’ll no longer see the Dunkirk actor rocking an old Jack Wills tee, a padded gilet or a needless satin scarf layered over a poorly ironed, low- cut top and slung over a pair of really ill-fitting, brown chinos. Yes, we’re talking to you, X-Factor audition outfit.

Now, if you were to hazard a guess as to who Styles’ fashion inspirations are, your mind would probably lead you to guys like Domenico Gianfrate, the 80’s heavy metal band Mötley Crüe or maybe even pirate Captain Jack Sparrow, but you would be very sadly mistaken. As a matter of fact, Harry Styles’ style icon is none other than the female, Canadian pop sensation, Shania Twain.

In an exclusive pre-performance interview with Entertainment Tonight, the Sign Of The Times singer revealed that Twain was his ‘main influence’ when it came to both fashion and music, who would’ve thought? Definitely not us. ‘I think she's amazing.’ Admitted Styles, shortly before he took to the stage at the Victoria’s Secret runway show in Shanghai earlier this month.

Now that he mentions it though, you can kinda see the influences, if you Google closely enough, that is. On a number of occasions, the two singers have (separately) been spotted in some uncannily similar outfits, ranging from racy, leopard print numbers, baggy, silk trousers and even some soft pink, satin bomber jackets.

Have a gander at Harry and Shania’s best #Twinning moments here:


Shania Twain Harry Styles Fashion

Shania Twain Harry Styles Fashion1 of 6

Leopard Print

Shania Twain Harry Styles Fashion2 of 6

Silk Shirt

Cream satin shirt realness being served by both parties here.

Shania Twain Harry Styles Fashion3 of 6

Purple Florals

Heavy floral prints are deffo a Harry staple, now we know where he gets it from.

Shania Twain Harry Styles Fashion4 of 6

Flared Trousers

Twain & Styles threw it all the way back to the 70's with these baggy, bell-bottom pants.Groovy.

Shania Twain Harry Styles Fashion5 of 6


Looking like a rockstar in all that metallic(a).

Shania Twain Harry Styles Fashion6 of 6

Patterend Bomber

Bold floral prints for the win yet again.Great minds think alike.

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