So Harry Styles & Emma Watson, Rihanna & Leonardo DiCaprio… Really?

Just when we were getting used to the idea of Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin, along come these big rumours…


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We get that 2015 is a new year, a time for change, a time to do something different for once in your life. But we just can’t give up our very valid interest in celebrities and neither can they, as it turns out Harry Styles may or may not be dating Emma Watson and Rihanna may or may not be dating Leonardo DiCaprio.

First things first. Back in November when Harry Styles presented a British Fashion Council award to Emma Watson, Harry Potter/One Direction fans (there’s quite a crossover between them) went wild, saying that although Emma had got the wrong Harry, he is in so many ways the right Harry for her.

And now? Well, it’s come to light that the pair have allegedly been on a date. An eagle-eyed football fan, who seems to care more about the positions of celebrities than actual football, said that the pair went on a Boxing Day date to see the football match between Newcastle United play Manchester United.

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‘They were careful not to be seen with each other,’ the fan told Heat: ‘We saw Harry when he was heading to the toilets and when we went to the bookies next to the boxes, everyone was talking about them being there together.’

Oh, poor, poor Wayne Rooney. He scores two goals yet everyone’s talking about luscious-locked Harry Styles and that muggle. Anyway, our hopes for this couple soar higher than any quiff or brookstick in the land.

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Stateside, another odd couple in the form of Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio presents itself.

After being spotted at that most secluded and intimate of locations, The Playboy Mansion, by a ‘resident Playmate’ called Carly Lauren, she tweeted: ‘Just saw Leo and Rihanna making out while Pour It Up was playing.’

Snogging to your own song? Sounds pretty Rihanna to us.

They’ve apparently been going out for months, too, if a source speaking to The Mirror is to be believed: ‘It was over the new year that things really started heating up. By this weekend, a lot of people were already talking about them being an item.’

And another source told that they’ve been trying to go stealth with the hook-ups for a while: ‘They mostly get together during the middle of the night. She creeps out late at night to get it on — it's like a drug,’

‘It's a whole process. She switches cars and drivers and meets him in very discreet places. They've got a system and they're keeping it between themselves and extremely private’

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Well, private until we all hear about it, right?

We would take odds on how long either couple lasts, but that’s mean, and we’d far rather place bets on whether either actually are for real. Who’s next? Katy Perry and Bill Murray?

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