Harry Styles’ Bday, And Other Things That Went Down This Weekend More Interesting Than The Super Bowl

ok, so you might not know it from your Twitter feed, but yep a few other things - as well the Super bowl - happened this weekend


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Oh my God, the Super Bowl was totally on last night – and Katy Perry was great. Missy Elliot was better. There were some great adverts, and the Sea Hawks won (although, we admit that the rules are a bit beyond us, and we just watched the highlights of the half-time show rather than sit through the whole thing because of the time difference).

However, while all our news feeds are clogged up with Super Bowl and Superb Owl chat, here are three news stories that got a bit lost over the weekend that you actually really need to know about:

Harry Styles Had A Birthday

Yep, he celebrated it surrounded by all the most famous and coolest people, you know, because he's Harry Styles, and he knows everyone worth knowing. Chung. Delevingne. Jenner. Lawrence. Martin (Chris Martin). Other people of note who turned up to the bash – which involved four cakes because, again, he's goddamn Harry Styles goddammit – include Rashida Jones, Courteney Cox, Adele and Nadine Leopold, who Harry's been hanging around with a lot recently and everyone thinks they're in love. In case you don't know who she is, she's a Victoria's Secret model and is really gross looking. That's a lie, she's staggeringly gorgeous, and if they're going out then genuine angels in heaven are probably crying right now.

For anyone shocked by the fact they missed the celebrations on their insta feed, guests were reportedly not allowed to take photos, so it's difficult to confirm the guest list. We're also pretty sure Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin enforced that in their bid to never be photographed together until they grow old and die. In terms of Harry, an insider told People: 'When he blew out his birthday candles, he FaceTimed his mum. He was so sweet to all his guests.'


A Student Got Expelled For Using Hobbit Magic

Silly, yes. The best news story we've heard in ages, also yes. Gawker is reporting that Aiden Stewart, a fourth-grade student in Texas, got expelled on Friday for bringing in a ring he claimed had been forged in Mordor by Sauron. He told his friend that when he put the ring on – which was The Ring – it would make him disappear, so the head teacher expelled him on the grounds that 'threats to another child's safety would not be tolerated – whether magical or not,' according to the local paper. The student's dad then emailed the New York Daily News to clear things up: 'I assure you my son lacks the magical powers necessary to threaten his friend's existence. If he did, I'm sure he'd bring him right back.'

Dawn O'Porter Gave Birth! Congratulaaaaaaations!

While a load of people were too busy watching dudes running into each other, Dawn O'Porter and husband Chris O'Dowd announced they'd had a baby! And had actually had it for a week! Rather than taking to social media immediately after giving birth, the pair instead decided to wait for a bit before making the announcement – 'I think we'll definitely keep him' – on Twitter last night. Their baby boy, named Art (because, why not?) was reportedly born in Los Angeles, where the couple are currently living. And, according to Chris, he looks the spitting image of both of them:

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