Harry Styles Casually Wrote A Song For Michael Bublé. NBD

Stop teasing us, Harry

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Much to the frustration of One Direction fans everywhere, it’s been a long old wait for new music from Harry Styles.

Minus a break-the-internet worthy picture of his severed ponytail and those three epic magazine covers for Another Man, we haven’t really heard very much from him.

So, you might be delightf to hear that despite the few and far between cryptic social media posts, Harry has indeed been working away on new music. And there's actual tangiable proof this time - it’s out now! But here’s the catch... it’s actually on Michael Bublé’s new album.

Yep, you heard right. Harry has a writing credit on the song ‘Someday’, a duet sung by Bublé and Meghan Trainor and appears on Bublé’s ‘Nobody But Me’ album.

The track was written by Harry and Meghan almost two years ago, and at the time Meghan wasn’t too sure who would appear on the song with her. And although we can’t help but wonder why Harry didn’t fancy singing on the track himself having co-written it and all, we can’t say we’re not excited about super smoothie Michael Bublé stepping up to the plate. Because who doesn't love a bit of the Bublé?

Speaking about working with Harry, Meghan said: ‘I was very nervous so I prepared a little chorus on my ukulele, and I walked in and in five minutes I felt very comfortable because he was very normal and funny and just a regular 20-year old dude... not like the Harry Styles who everyone is in love with,’ reports* Digital Spy*.

‘We finished the song in an hour or two and I love it. I was nervous 'cos I thought he'd be like a Justin Bieber, like 'he's so famous' and love himself,’ Meghan added, ‘but he was just so normal... I immediately wasn't nervous any more.’

I mean, that’s all well and good. We all already know that Harry Styles is a very nice and non-obnoxiously gifted chap, and it's always nice to hear when another celeb reitterates what we totall already suspected. But what we still don’t know is when we're going to finally get a taste of some of his own solo material. Sung from the mouth of Harry Styles.

If anything, this new release will only boost the anticipation. Is the Bublé-Trainor song a sign of the sort of music we can expect from Harry? Are there more collabs and contributions in the pipeline? Is he definitely sticking with the short hair thing? Stop teasing us, Harry. We’ve got so many questions.

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