The Harry Potter Cast Took On The Sorting Hat And Shock Horror, Found They Wouldn’t All Be In Gryffindor

The Sorting Hat Reveals The Answer To The Harry Potter Question You’ve Always Wanted To Know

The Harry Potter Cast Took On The Sorting Hat And Shock Horror, Found They Wouldn't All Be In Gryffindor

by Ruby Norris |
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Intelligent Ravenclaw, kind and loyal Hufflepuff, brave Gryffindor or sneaky Slytherin: the Sorting Hat looked deep into the Hogwarts’ first-years’ soul to assign them to the appropriate house.

Now, after years of deep intellectual thought and sleepless nights wondering, Harry Potter fans finally have the answers they’ve been waiting for as Rupert Grint, Bonnie Wright, Matthew Lewis and Evanna Lynch took the Pottermore Sorting Hat quiz to find out which Hogwarts house best suits their real-life personalities.

As they relived the fearful moment faced by their onscreen characters fifteen years ago (!!!) the actors tackled some ticky questions and received some unexpected results...

Matthew Lewis - Neville Longbottom to you and me - didn’t make it to Gryffindor, but got Hufflepuff instead, while Bonnie Wright, matched Ginny perfectly and secured a spot in the prestigious Gryffindor. As did Evanna Lynch, whose on screen character Luna was actually part of Ravenclaew. Despite Ron being a firm Gryffindor student, Rupert Grint was placed in Hufflepuff. But we're not completely surprised, he does seem to have an air of Hufflepuff about him.

One thing's for sure, it seems the actors’ chants of ‘Anything But Slytherin’ paid off.

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