Harry And Meghan’s Wedding: 12 Things You May Have Missed

Three years on, we're looking back on the big day.


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It's been three years since Prince Harry married Meghan Markle in a beautiful ceremony in Windsor, and it feels like yesterday. The day was a beautiful celebration of love full of music, flowers and famous faces. But some things stuck in the mind more than others. Here are our 12 favourite things about the day.

What are your favourite memories?

1. Princess Charlotte continued a cheeky family tradition


At Kate and William's wedding, bridesmaid Grace van Cutsem stole the show by scowling and pulling faces on the Buckingham Palace balcony. A few years later, Kate and Will's own daughter did the honours for Harry and Meghan.

Princess Charlotte was spotted sticking out her tongue at waiting photographers, becoming our new favourite royal in the process. But did you know that Prince Harry himself used to do the same as a child? He's stopped now, unfortunately.

2. Two of Harry's exes attended

We think it speaks pretty highly of someone to invite their exes to their wedding - it suggests that they're good at keeping things amicable. So it was good to see both Cressida Bonas and Chelsy Davy at the ceremony.

3. There was a hidden message in the veil

Clare Waight Keller - who designed Meghan's divine wedding dress - was also responsible for the 16 foot silk tulle veil. But it was much more than just a swathe of fabric. Clare embroidered the edges with flowers from all 53 Commonwealth countries. An adorable touch, no?

4. The pageboys were hilarious


The reaction of John and Brian Mulroney - sons of Meghan's friend Jessica - was indicative of all of us. Unused to the sheer scale of a royal wedding, they seemed to find everything absolutely hilarious, beaming through the ceremony and wincing when the loud trumpet music caught them by surprise. We were obsessed.

5. Harry picked some flowers for Meghan's bouquet

Meghan's classic bouquet was designed by Philippa Craddock, but Harry had an influence. A statement from Kensington Palace established that 'Prince Harry handpicked several flowers yesterday from their private garden at Kensington Palace to add to the bespoke bridal bouquet. The flowers included sweet peas, jasmine and Forget-Me-Nots (a favourite of Princess Diana) as well as myrtle, traditional in royal bouquets. royal bouquet tradition.)

6. The tiara belonged to the Queen's grandmother

Meghan chose a gorgeous tiara that was a little different to the traditional, pronged crown. The diamond and platinum bandeau looked amazing on her, but it also came with a dose of royal history. The tiara orginally belonged to Queen Mary, Elizabeth II's grandmother.

7. Meghan made history before she even reached the altar

Due to the absence of her father Thomas, Meghan walked down the aisle alone, meeting Prince Charles at the Quire. That makes her the first royal bride in history to turn down an escort for the big moment.

8. Harry was adorable when Meghan made it down the aisle

According to professional lip reader James Freeston, Harry's first words to Meghan when she made it to the altar were 'Are you OK? You look amazing,' Awww. Naturally, she responded with 'Thank you.'

9. Meghan dropped 'obey' from the wedding vows

Meghan was the latest woman to be welcomed into the royal family without using the traditional wedding vows, which call for the bride to promise to 'obey' her husband. Princess Diana controversially dispensed with this vow at her 1981 wedding, and set a trend. Meghan and Kate both decided to follow her lead.

10. She wore an affordable nail varnish

Thanks to the diamond tiara and the Givenchy gown, you could assume that everything Meghan wore on the big day came with a massive price tag. But her nail varnish - Ballet Slippers by Essie - retails at less than £7. It's a soft and subtle light pink, and the brand also counts the Duchess of Cambridge as a fan too.

11. In keeping with tradition, her ring was a nod to Wales

With Prince Charles holding the title of Prince of Wales, it's a nice touch that his daughters-in-law Kate and Meghan have simple wedding rings made of Welsh gold, as per royal tradition. As with most brides, the engagement ring was more lavish: designed by Prince Harry and made by court jewelers Cleave and Company, it used one diamond ethically sourced from Botswana, and two stones from the collection of the late Princess Diana.

12. Meghan spotted an old friend in the crowd

Gigi Perreau, a former film star who taught Meghan drama, was flown into the UK as a guest contributor for ITV. As she joined the crowds to watch Harry and Meghan pass in their carriage, Meghan spotted her from her vantage point and exclaimed 'Oh my God!' as she sped away.

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