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7 Uplifting Films To Watch This Valentine's Day, Whatever Your Relationship Status

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Ah, Valentine's Day. Whether you're in a relationship or out of one, 14th February seems to bring with it a specific set of minefields. Gift, or no gift? Marks and Spencer dine in for two deal, or Marks and Spencer dine in for two deal, eaten by one (they’re serving guidelines, after all)? Casual social media humblebrag (hashtag boy done good, sigh) or radio silence across all platforms?

Whatever Valentine’s template you’ll be following (or, you know, studiously not following) we can at least make one decision a little easier for you: namely, the film you’ll end up watching, whether that’s with a significant other, a group of friends (we won’t do you the disservice of referring to them as your Galentines, because we're all grown-ups here) or by yourself. Our selection criteria? We’ve steered away from anything overly romantic in favour of the kind of uplifting films that’ll leave your heart warmed to an appropriate level, whatever your relationship status. Thank us later.