Happy Birthday, The Olsen Twins, Thanks For These Truly Bizarre Videos

The 90's are a far distant memory, but reignite your nostalgia through these incredible 90's videos from their back catalogue...


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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The Olsen twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley, turn 28 today. And it got us thinking, in a totally unpatronising way, how normal they are, considering they’re former child stars and all. Just in case you didn’t know what they did before they mooched around New York’s fashion events draped in loads of black with Nicholas Sarkozy’s brother Olivier (well, that’s just Mary-Kate, who’s engaged to the banker), they’ve been working for 25 years.

Starting out aged three playing twins (duh) on sitcom Full House, they didn’t only work, they worked hard. And through that work – and seeming aversion to any sort of party scene that would have chewed them up and spat them out – they’ve bucked the trend of being fallen child stars. Now they’re worth $300m (£176m), thanks to all the TV shows, movies, merchandise, video games etc that comes from being a child star,plus some savvy investments and their own fashion label, The Row.

We could give you a whole rundown of everything they’ve ever worked on, or a history of the multi-talented duo, but you know how to navigate Wikipedia. So here are two incredible videos of the pair. Once you’ve watched them, you’ll be all Olsened out.

First up, did you know they did a videogame called Dance Party O**f The Century? Well, they did. It came in the form of a CD Rom – how 1999 is that? Psyched! The pair dance through decades of muzak dressed in some really sassy combos, and you watch from the comfort of your PC. Yep, your desktop PC.

How’s that for sassy? But this dance-along wasn’t their first foray into music video territory because, in 1995, they did a three-minute rap song about pizza in the straight-to-video film You're Invited To Mary-Kate And Ashley's Sleepover Party. Warning: This song is annoyingly catchy and the fast cuts and wobbly camera angles, along with a prolonged description of all the different things they want on one single pizza, might make you feel a little queasy.

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