Who Cares Ariel Isn’t A Redhead? We’re Here For Halle Bailey As The Little Mermaid

If you're criticising the casting of a mermaid, then you look very silly

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by Bonnie McLaren |
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While we are all waiting to see if Lizzo is going to successful in her bid to play Urusla in The Little Mermaid, we now know who the lead role is going to. Halle Bailey - not to be confused with Halle Berry - of Chloe X Halle fame has been cast to play Ariel in the upcoming live-action film; the 19-year-old has said it’s a dream come true.

Most people are delighted by the casting - and the other Halle was one of the first to congratulate her, writing, ‘we can't wait to see what you do!’

But some people are arguing about the casting of the young star - because Halle isn’t a white redhead. Some have even - unbelievably - tried to argue that because mermaids live under the sea, they can’t be black. Racism aside - and yes, it is racism - it shouldn’t matter anyway, as Halle is quite literally playing a mermaid, a mythical creature, who, we must remind you, does not exist.

‘Fact box: the Little Mermaid lives on a TROPICAL CORAL REEF with a calypso-singing lobster with a strong Jamaican accent,' Caitlin Moran tweeted. 'When you think about it, it's bizarre she was white the first time around.'

As author Lamar Giles said on the website, ‘The actress cast as Ariel can sing, act, dance, and is beautiful. But racists (yes, that extreme irritation you feel is racism) are like MeRmAIds CaN’T Be bLacK! Well, crabs can’t talk so we’re all stretching here. Shut up.’

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