Gwyneth Paltrow Drops C-Bomb At London’s Goop Summit

Every day she tries to not swear...

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by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Goop has come to London in the form of a summit (the same weekend as the actual G20 summit of world leaders!), where attendees, charged £4,500 a ticket for the full weekend, can immerse themselves in the lifestyle brand and get to see actual Gwyneth Paltrow talk about wellness and jade eggs and all that sort of stuff.

They might not have expected swearing, but they should from now, as the Hollywood star dropped the c-bomb in an interview with the model Twiggy, admitting: ‘I never make it through the day without swearing. I almost did today.’

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The pair were talking on stage at the west London event about Twiggy’s treatment by the press. Referencing a 1971 film she starred in called the Boyfriend, she said ‘it was very well received.’

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Gwyneth then asked: ‘So the press weren’t mean to you ever?’

Twiggy initially said that most reviews were really nice,__ The Sunday Times reports, but then remembered a particularly bad one from the Daily Mirror in 1970.

She said: ‘It said “Twiggy looks like chewed up chicken legs that have been posted through a letter-box”’

Then came Gwyneth’s c-bomb. ‘What a c***’, she said, to much audience laughter. Referencing the strange mean analogy about the chicken legs, rather than the worst of the worst swear words, Twiggy said ‘I don’t even know what that means!’

Gwyneth followed up with ‘What a dick.’

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And though Twiggy agreed, saying ‘Yeah he was’, that sort of mindset is probably - hopefully - dead and buried, as Twiggy said ‘I think he’s long gone.’

The event, which has featured Tracy Anderson, the celebrity trainer, psychotherapist Barry Michels and Penelope Cruz, will continue, on the hottest weekend of the year, to treat all attendees to all things Goop.

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