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Gwyneth Paltrow's mission to take over the world, one wellness, fashion or beauty product at a time, continues today with the news that her lifestyle brand Goop is set to collaborate with footwear designer Christian Louboutin. That's right, not only can you buy a Goop magazine featuring Gwynie rolling around in (no doubt) cleansing mud, but you can also walk in her shoes.

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Launching exclusively online and at the official standalone Goop store in Los Angeles as of today, there are three designs for any die-hard Goop-istas to choose from.

So, what can we expect from this new venture, which will see three designs priced between $795 - $945? A heel that cleanses your aura while stinging you with bees to produce collagen? A boot-slash-steamer, jetting vapours up your skirt for a quick vaginal steam? Nope. Just three fairly run-of-the-mill designs, actually.

Gwyneh Paltrow Christian Louboutin shoes
Gwyneh Paltrow Christian Louboutin shoes
Gwyneh Paltrow Christian Louboutin shoes

Firstly, there's a low stilhetto heel in teal, with a pom-pom design on the toe. Then, there's the wooden heeled bootie, and finally, a grey flat, featuring spiky details. Essentially, there's a style for every Goop gal - whether she's off to a green-cocktail-event, walking to her Pilates class or picking her kids up from the school gates, healthy snack in hand.

This isn't Gwyneth's first foray into fashion collaborations. Launching womenswear on her Goop website way back in 2011, she started off on smaller, one-off collabs, including one with MiH Jeans. Then, in 2012, she worked with long-time friend Michael Kors on a Christmas capsule collection of ready-to-wear inspired by some of her favourite pieces. In 2015, she worked with Valentino on a collection of party dresses, also available exclusively on Goop.

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