Think All The Guys You Meet On Tinder Seem Super Confident? Think Again

Surprise, surprise

Think All The Guys You Meet On Tinder Seem Super Confident? Think Again

by Pola Namysl |
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If you've ever talked to a guy on a online dating-app you probably think that most of the guys seem extra confident. Macho types who are in it to win it. However, new research shows that that confidence is just a mask and reality couldn’t be much different.

Professors Jessica Strubel and Trent A. Petrie from University of North Texas did study on 'relation of gender and Tinder use to psychosocial wellbeing”. 1044 women and 273 men between ages of 18-24 were examined, providing information on their self-esteem, body satisfaction, social comparison and Tinder usage.

In case you're 97 years old and don't know how Tinder works, it’s based on looks only, if you like someone you ‘swipe right’, if you don’t you ‘swipe left’. If you both parties ‘like’ each other, the app allows them to start a conversation.

So what have the scientists found out?

Turns out that most of the men using Tinder have low self esteem, and are not satisfied with their looks and general image. It’s surprising stuff considering quite often we think of women as the ones that care more about body image.

I guess it's easy to understand where it comes from. When choosing a person is just a matter of one click, it’s easy to get rejected and therefore feel like you’re not enough.

Perhaps all these apps are doing is making us feel worse and worse about ourselves, instead of better. Think twice before going on Tinder, maybe? At the end of the day, what matters most is what kind of person you are , not if someone ‘swiped’ left or right.

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