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Greta Gerwig Is *That* Person In The Cinema

There are two types of cinema goers - those who sit in silence, enjoy the film as it was intended to be watched while causing minimal distractions for their fellow audience members, and the others.

The others, we must admit, are pretty stressful. They're noisy, they commentate, they eat noisily and will more than happily whip their phones out mid-film, much to the dismay of anyone who didn't pay a tenner to have a bright blue light flicker in their peripheral vision for an hour and a half.

On Tuesday, one Twitter user chanced upon sitting behind Greta Gerwig at a screening of Amy Schumer's 'I Feel Pretty', and it turns out the Oscar Nominated director falls in to the second audience camp. Surprising, yes, but Greta's chitter chatter can be forgiven because, well, it's Greta Gerwig, but also she vocalised what I'm sure many of us have thought at one point or another. Just, erm, really loudly in a public cinema....

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'Um I'm in a movie theatre about to see I feel pretty alone and greta gerwig just walked in and sat down in front of me', tweeted Jaye Hunt. Little did she know that even though she'd gone to watch I Feel Pretty, Greta Gerwig would be the one providing the real entertainment. __

After watching Greta's response to some of the opening film trailers (she apparently didn't understand The Book Club and gasped at the sight of Emily Ratajkowski) and noting that she is probably one of the only people in the world who actually orders those extra large movie theatre sodas, Jaye decided to live tweet the experience. Here's what happened.

If Greta Gerwig is going to laugh, she's going to laugh HARD

'there was just a bit where a baby saw amy schumer and started crying and greta LOVED it', Jaye wrote. 'she was the only person here who laughed'. But that wasn't all. The sight of Amy Schumer falling off a Soul Cycle bike is also, apparently, comedy gold. 'she's still laughing and it happened a full minute ago', Jaye added.

If Greta Gerwig isn't into it, you'll hear about it

Greta Geriwg is not here for vague and unnecessary homophobic motifs. So much so that she exclaimed 'I hate this' a full volume in the middle of a heterosexual love scene. Loud but also, fair play.

Greta Gerwig is so noisy in the cinema that people got up and left

It takes a lot to walk out of a movie theatre, and apparently Greta and co were a LOT, in the most retrospectively entertaining way, of course.

Yep, Greta Gerwig is one of those people who checks their phone mid-film

We later find out that she wasn't the only one, though.

Remember what we said about Greta not being into something?

'THIS MOVIE IS IN. COMP. RE. HENSIBLE', Greta exclaimed at full volume. Before rounding up her 'live with Greta' session, Twitter user Jaye Hunt did clarify a few things. She said: 'there were like 10 people in the enormous theater, no one was behind me, everyone was on their phones because it’s a BAD MOVIE, she was being so loud that I didn’t even have to lean forward to hear her clearly; I wasn’t eavesdropping'.

Nevertheless, it's safe to say that we all know how Greta feels about I Feel Pretty, then.

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