Grazia View: Is A Golden Globes Protest Enough?

Rooney Mara

by Grazia |
Published on

Remember when, in response to women complaining of harassment on trains, suggestions arose of women’s only carriages? Remember how angry that made us? (We had to change, rather than men.)

So, when it came to the women of Hollywood protesting sexual harassment by wearing black at this weekend’s Golden Globes, was it empowering – or limiting?

Normally we’d argue the latter – why should we change our behaviour (and wear a colour that fades us into the background), when really it’s the behaviour of others that needs to change?

But it’s disrupting. The conversation, for once, isn’t we hope going to be about the trends, the jewels, the best and worst dressed, but ‘the why’. The real power, though, will be in keeping it up – Baftas, Oscars, you’re up next.

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