Grace Kelly’s Granddaugher Camilla Gottlieb Is Her Twin

camilla gottleib

by Rebecca Cope |

Grace Kelly is considered one of the most beautiful women of the 20th century, and with good reason. With her icy-blonde hair, classic bone structure and deep blue eyes, there's a reason the Hitchcock blonde was able to capture the eye of European royalty, marrying Monaco's Prince Ranier II.

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Now, 35 years after her tragic death in a car accident, the Hollywood icon's beauty lives on through her lookalike granddaughter Camilla Gottlieb.

camilla gottleib

The 19-year-old daughter of Princess Stephanie effortlessly evokes her famous relative in a series of arty pictures on her Instagram account, including one where she's wearing red lipstick and smoking - it's like a still from a 1950s film (albeit with a slogan tee).

camilla gottleib

She still lives in Monaco, where her uncle Prince Albert and his wife Charlene rule. She celebrated her 18th birthday last year with a lavish party in Monte Carlo, which she shared on Instagram.

Her father is believed to be Jean Raymond Gottlieb, although there is no father on her birth certificate. She is absent from the line of succession for the Monegasque throne, as her parents were not married when she was born.

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