The Gone Girl Trailer Is Here, It’s Dark, And Ben Affleck Smashes Stuff

The trailer for the adaptation of Gillian Flynn's book could do with a lot more Rosamund Pike, though…


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Gillian Flynn's bestselling crime novel* Gone Girl* has been turned into a film and directed by David Fincher (who brought us treats so varied and classy as* Fight Club*, the video for Madonna's Vogue, The Social Network and* House Of Cards*), with Rosamund Pike starring as goody-goody wife Amy and Ben Affleck taking the role of Nick, her husband.

The trailer is very dark and is pretty good – especially if you're into that song She (we're not, we'd have much preferred something a bit more contemporary and less creepy, but obviously that's the whole point) – and teases everything without giving too much away.

The only real lines you hear in this are 'As you all know, my wife, Amy Elliott Dunne, disappeared three days ago,' and 'I did not kill my wife. I am not a murderer', both spoken by Ben Affleck, who we have no doubt will bring exactly the duality needed to this role (see, no sudden spoilers here).

Ben also does lots of banging and crashing about with his fists, and most of the action follows Nick as he becomes a suspect in his wife's (suspected) murder. We do get to see some of Rosamund Pike, drifting into bathtubs and being a bit shouty. However, we've got everything crossed that the film doesn't put all the focus on Nick. The book followed both Nick and Amy's stories with equal dedication and we don't want this to be another one of those blokes-on-a-mission-versus-the-world film.

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