Gisele Was Told She’d ‘Never Make It As A Model’

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She's been at the top of her game since the late '90s and is still one of the world's highest earning supermodels, but it turns out that Gisele has had to deal with her fair share of haters throughout her career.

In a new interview with People, the Brazilian super revealed that her career didn't get off to the easiest of starts, as she encountered some pretty cutting criticism as a teenage model.

'I remember some people telling me my nose was too big or my eyes were too small, that I could never be on a magazine cover,' she said. 'It wasn't easy to be 14 and hear that kind of criticism. It made me feel insecure.' Crazy, right?

Luckily, Gisele was able to turn to her family for advice. 'I told my dad and he said, "Next time, tell them, I have a big nose and that comes with a big personality." At that point I felt, if I kept working hard and giving my best, it would all work out,' she explained.

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Her perserverance certainly paid off. After unsuccessfully auditioning for 42 shows, Gisele was finally cast in Alexander McQueen's spring 1998 show, in which she walked down a slippery runway in vertiginous heels, and landed a Vogue cover a few months later. Since then, she's appeared on countless magazine covers, landed over 350 major campaigns, walked in nine Victoria's Secret shows and become known by her first name only - no mean feat.

Luckily for us mere mortals, Gisele also revealed the secret behind a great photo. 'I have learned that when you are feeling good in that moment it's the most important thing. The lenses don't lie and usually if you feel good, you will look good,' she said. 'Also, good lighting always helps.' That, and just actually being Gisele...

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