The Internet Is Obsessed With Gillian Anderson Being Asked If She Consulted Margaret Thatcher About The Crown

In case you needed a reminder: the former prime minister has been dead since 2013.

Gillian Anderson

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Sometimes, at press conferences, journalists ask awkward questions. Questions which make people squirm, or think: why on Earth have you asked that? (Usually, the answer is because their boss has asked them to.) But at the Emmys - an excruciating, and, dare we say, stupid question was put to Gillian Anderson, who won a supporting actress award for portraying late prime minister Margaret Thatcher in The Crown.

One journalist, who we won't name, asked if the actress had spoken to Margaret about the role. Which, obviously, would have been quite difficult, asThatcher died in 2013. While the clip is genuinely painful to watch, in fairness to Gillian, she kept it incredibly cool and poised, simply replying: 'Well, I have not spoken to Margaret...'

(Yikes. The journalist later toldInsider that she'd meant to ask if Gillian had spoken to Theresa May about the role, not Thatcher. Still...)

It then got a bit more awkward, as Gillian misheard the reporter's follow-up question, thinking the journalist had asked why the UK hadn't had a woman in power since Thatcher, when she'd actually questioned why the US hasn't had a woman as President. 'Well, we had Miss [Theresa] May not that long ago, which is even before the United States of America,' Gillian pointed out, referring to Theresa's time in power from 2019-2019. 'I think maybe the question is why is it taking the United States of America so long to get a female leader... maybe [Vice President] Kamala Harris. Maybe that's the next step.'

At the Emmys, The Crown won big - with the Netflix series picking up best drama, Olivia Colman winning best actress for her role as the Queen, Josh O'Connor winning best actor as Prince Charles, Tobias Menzies winning supporting actor for his portrayal of Prince Philip. And, deep breath, Claire Foy also won an award for guest actress in a drama series, for her small role as the young Queen Elizabeth II in a flashback sequence.

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