Gigi Hadid Is Getting Bodyshamed So Everyone Give Up

She wrote a brilliant open letter to the haters

Gigi Hadid Is Getting Bodyshamed So Everyone Give Up

by Stevie Martin |
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Yesterday, Gigi Hadid had to take to Instagram to defend her body against haters calling her fat.

Gigi Hadid.

Let’s just recap here. People have been calling model Gigi Hadid fat.

‘So many people are so quick to comment negative opinions this month,’ she wrote on a fairly heartfelt Instagram post. 'Yes, judgment on social media comes from people who, 99% of the time, have no idea what they’re talking about, but I’m human, and I’m not going to lie, I did let the negativity get to me a little. I came to a realisation that when one gets to this point, it’s important to rethink why you’re doing what you do. What your message is. What you have to say.’

Seems like social media arseholes have got to her, but we’re glad she showed them who’s boss. Because if someone who looks like this is feeling down about social media arseholes, then what hope do any of us have?

Speaking exclusively to Vogue, Gigi explained her reasons for writing the open letter:

‘These are obviously also people that don’t think of you as an actual human with actual feelings, which I think is a really big problem right now in social media,’ she said.

‘There are people who feel like they’re able to hide behind their usernames and their private accounts, who feel like they can say whatever they want and it won’t affect anyone. I try not to pay attention to it that much, but it got to a point where I started to feel self-conscious about certain things – in the way that I felt that my walk, for example, is unique and I also felt like I needed to improve it. When you see that people are not only saying [negative things] but are saying them in a very, very hurtful way, you start to pay more attention to it.’

Don't let the bastards grind you down, Gigi.

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