Geri Horner Aka Ginger Spice Has Recorded A Country Album. No, Seriously.

Just when you think you’ve finally caught up with what the Spice Girls are up to...


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I can pretty confidently assume that when the world thinks about Geri Horner - formerly Halliwell, better known as Ginger Spice - the last, and I mean the LAST thing that comes to mind is country music.

But low and behold. According to reports, Geri’s new country album has been leaked online and I can’t say it hasn’t come as bit of a shock.

This comes hot on the heels of some earlier news that a new Spice Girls track ‘Song For Her’ actually exists (praise hands emoji) after we found out that Geri, Mel B and Emma Bunton will be reuniting for Wannabe’s 21st anniversary next year.

For those of you who might think that Geri’s seemingly random country album must just be one of those whimsical spur of the moment, ‘why the hell not’ kind of endeavours (because the idea of Geri returning to the studio to record anything unrelated to Spice Girls still hurts a little bit), couldn’t be more wrong. The Mirror reported that Geri’s new album has allegedly been a whole six years in the making.

It might be hard to process, but gone are the days of singing Mother Nature’s praises for a downpour of tall, blonde, dark and lean men. The secret is out. Our favourite union jack dress wearing, pop ballad belting red head is going country, and the subject matter of the album due to be released in 2017, is a little different to what we’re used to too.

A source told The Sun: ‘She sings about love and the effect of motherhood has had on her. It’s very personal which makes the leak more upsetting’.

We can totally see their point here. After spending so long working on new music, it goes without saying that it must be pretty frustrating for it to be leaked before you’ve had the chance to share it with the world the way you wanted to.

Ginger Spice turned country singer was not the next piece of Spice Girls news we were expecting to uncover. But fair play Geri. I have no idea what to expect but I’m pretty excited to listen to it.

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