Geri Halliwell Says She Reunited With The Spice Girls Thanks To Her Horse

'The feeling of wanting to connect, the feeling of freedom and joy was greater than the fear - Beauty taught me that.’

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Geri Halliwell probably has a far tamer existence now, living in the countryside, than she did at the height of her Spice Girls fame. But, apparently, it's her country life which led her to reuniting with the Spice Girls for their 2019 shows - as Geri has revealed she only rediscovered her confidence after horse riding in her 30s.

‘I gave my life 100 per cent to music,’ she said, speaking as part of her YouTube series Rainbow Woman. 'Then when I got to my 30s, I found it so difficult because the teenage bravado had run out and I wasn’t sure where I belong.’ Feeling peaceful while riding, Geri explained how Beauty helped her rediscover her fearlessness. ‘When I found Beauty, I got my courage back,' she added. 'When I’m out there I’m no other identity other than just a woman on a horse feeling brave — that’s it. And sometimes it just feels amazing to feel that.'

And yes, apparently that's what motivated her to get back out on stage. (Even though recent reports state that Emma Bunton made £6million from the reunion concerts - so surely money must have been part of it too, right?) The singer added that Beauty taught her to overcome her worries about reuniting with the band. ‘Stepping out on stage with the Spice Girls again, I felt, “You know what? It’s all right",' she said. 'The feeling of wanting to connect, the feeling of freedom and joy was greater than the fear. Beauty taught me that.’

Geri married her husband racing driver Christian Horner in 2015. They own two homes: a country estate near Banbury in Oxfordshire and a second home in Hertfordshire.

So, there we have it, we have a horse to thank for the Spice Girls reunion.

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