Georgia Harrison: ‘I Want Young Girls To Look At Me And Never Risk Putting That Much Filler In’

'A lot of girls want to get filler, but they haven't got a lot of money,' the reality star tells Grazia, 'so they'll probably go to the cheapest person - and you don't know if you're going to do damage that's irreversible.'

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If you're into reality TV, or follow influencers on Instagram, then you might have noticed a bit of a trend lately: many young women are getting their cosmetic procedures reversed in order to look more natural. A variety of stars have done it, including Molly-Mae Hague{ =nofollow}, Kylie Jenner and Gemma Collins. And one of the latest to embrace the trend is TOWIE/Love Island's Georgia Harrison, who has been very candid about her decision on social media and documented her journey on TikTok. Now, she wants other women to think twice (or very carefully) about getting fillers.

While Georgia says she doesn't regret getting her lip fillers at first, when she was 20 and on TOWIE, she tells Grazia that it quickly got out of hand. 'I always used to got to people who were cheap,' she says. 'It's very easy to get a qualification to give someone filler. It's not like Botox or something like that, where you have to have some sort of medical experience.'

She says that it got to the point where the liquid had actually leaked outside of her lips, as the person she had paid for the service turned out to be lacking in expertise. 'A lot of girls want to get filler, but they haven't got a lot of money,' she says, speaking about the issue of how unregulated the industry is, 'so they'll probably go to the cheapest person they can find - and you don't know if you're going to do damage that's irreversible.'

Georgia Harrison
Georgia having her lip filler removed ©Georgia Harrison

She says it was only a recent decision to get the filler removed from her lips, something which was sparked by moving to LA and taking on acting classes. And she adds that she has been honest about the experience in the hope that it discourages young women from thinking they need cosmetic work. Alternatively, if they still choose to do so, they should consult a professional and consider tiny amounts of filler.

'I really hope it encourages kids not to go to the extremes and the lengths that we did,' she says, referring to herself and other reality stars, who shot to fame at around the same time. 'If you want to enhance your face or your body, I think everyone should have the right to do what they want, but be minimalistic with it and make sure that you go to a proper professional, who's not going to damage your face in any way. A few people like Molly-Mae have been taking their fillers out, and I just want young girls to look at me and never risk putting that much in, because it just looks ridiculous.'

In the chat, Georgia clarifies that she might have a small bit of filler added to even out her lips - although she would have to wait a month - yet she has mixed feelings about whether influencers have a responsibility to be as honest about their cosmetic procedures.

'I've started being honest about everything because I want to be transparent with my followers,' she says. 'And at the end of the day, like I couldn't stand doing an interview, and if somebody asked me if I'd had my boobs done, I couldn't say "no" knowing full well that I have. But for some people they might be influencers and they might have just had a little uplift, or surgery that has made them feel better about themselves, and why should they have to tell the world that? It's their life.'

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