An A to Z Of The Celebrities Who Make Lots Of Money From Booze

Did you know George Clooney owned a tequila company? Well, used to own a tequila company...

An A to Z Of The Celebrities Who Make Lots Of Money From Booze

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You can't be blamed for having mixed feelings about celebrities who have their fingers in lots of different honeypots. On the one hand, it's like, 'Hey, wait a minute Mr Millionaire, save some success for the rest of us while we're down here resentfully intrigued by your latest super successful business venture'. But then, on the other hand, over the last decade or so the 'A-List' of people we'd traditionally associate with prescriptively being actresses, musicians or entrepreneurs has moved to become a group of famous people who are actresses, musicians, models, brand ambassadors AND business owners.

And of those businesses, there's a particular industry that the *really *rich and famous seem to have been drawn to - alcohol. Yep, we know all too well that celebrities party harder than the best of us, so I guess it kind of makes sense that so many of them would want to cash in on an industry that, let's face it, will never go out of fashion. That said though, the world's favourite silver fox, otherwise known as George Clooney, recently sold his piece of the boozy pie.

ICYMI (and don't worry, I think most of us did) Mr Clooney casually founded a tequila company called Casamigos back in 2013. That's right, there was more to George than those Nespresso adverts, you know. The BBC reported that company has now been sold for a cool one billion dollars, though (yeah, we're guessing it might have something to do with the newborn twins too) but apparently he'll still be involved in the business.

If this is all news to you and you're now wondering which other celebrities are low-key behind some really big drink brands, you're in luck. We've done some research and put together a handy A-Z of who owns what and, for the record, you probably won't be able to afford much of it...

AC/DC: Thunderstruck Tequila

Back when Brangelina were still Brangelina they owned a vineyard. Obvs. Their signature wine was the Miraval Rose which looks nice in that pleasantly shaped bottle.

Cee-Lo Green: Ty Ku Sake

Not gonna lie, this is probably the most lolz of them all. But, fair play. This happened back in 2013 and according to an old interview with Ad Week, Cee Lo's favourite flavour sake is coconut.

Danny DeVito: Limoncello

So, the story goes: George Clooney and Danny DeVito were at dinner. Danny had about seven shots of limoncello. He stayed up all night before appearing on morning talk show* The View*. He spoke about limoncello a lot. It was awkward and funny and awkward again. Then he decided to make his own limoncello. I don't think it exists anymore. But its a great, ridiculous Hollywood story. Also, the theme tune. Please listen to the theme tune.

David Beckham: Haig Club Whisky

Hanson, guys. HANSON. As in the kids who did 'MMMBop'. They launched a beer company that's been going for a while now. It serves MMMHops. Geddit?!

Jay-Z: Armand de Brignac Champagne

I refuse to believe that anyone truely likes absinthe. It's just not pleasant. But Marilyn Manson took it upon himself to attach his name to one and people seem to be into it.

P Diddy: Ciroc Vodka

Yeah, that's right. P 'I'll Be Missing You' Diddy owns that fancy schmancy vodka people pose with in the VIP booths of nightclubs.

Pharrell: Qream Liqueur

Yeah, this was a weird one. Pharrell helped to launch a liqueur called Qream which was meant to be specially created for women. But then a couple of years later ended up filing a $5 million lawsuitagainst the manufacturing company that he had partnered with after they failed to actually distribute the product. Which is why you've probably never heard of it before... But now it looks like he's entered the BBQ grill sauce game.

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