Gemma Collins Has Launched Her Own Gin (And Our Christmas Presents Are Sorted)

If you like pink gin, this is everything you've been dreaming of and more.

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If anyone was going to bring us the alcoholic goods just in time for Christmas, it had to be the one and only Gemma Collins, aka the GC.

She's got money, she's claustrophobic and she's just an all-round icon. She's already released her own hand santiser - but now, she's only gone and released her own gin liqueur range. Honestly, what can't she do?

Gemma's new gin liqueur is in collaboration with Zymurgorium spirit makers and is a part of their FlaGINgo range.

FlaGINgo Gemma Collins looks exactly as you'd expect, it's lime green, glittery and with a pink design. The liquor boasts a delicious blend of kiwi, lime and forest fruits flavours. So, if you like pink gin, this is everything you've been dreaming of and more.

Celebrity Big Brother Gemma Collins
Gemma was the seventh housemate to be evicted from Celebrity Big Brother in 2016. ©Channel 5

Plus, it's £20 (a bit of a bargain, if you ask us) and, well, we just can't get over the packaging. If you're buying this as a present, you won't even need to wrap it - perfect for the disorganised, last-minute gifter.

Gemma's gin liqueur goes superbly with tonic, lemonade and, if you really want to live it up like GC, Champagne, of course.

Speaking about it, the TOWIE star said, 'I’m so happy to have teamed up with the wonderful Zymurgorium wizards to create my first ever gin liqueur - we’re talking a bold and sparkly drink worthy of any diva. FlaGINgo Gemma Collins is a true representation of me, the GC and staying true to my fabulous self!'


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CREDIT: Zymurgorium

FlaGINgo Gemma Collins

The most fabulous, diva-worthy gin liqueur you ever did see.

Our Christmas presents are sorted - but we might keep a couple for ourselves.

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Gemma Collins' Most Iconic Moments

Gemma Collins Big Brother1 of 17
CREDIT: Channel 4

'Wouldn't you like to have fun? Fun? Fun?'

Gemma gave a roaring rendition of Shirley Bassey's Big Spender while wearing a mini top hat and straddling the table with Daniella Westbrook at her side. Jonathan Cheban, who had recently heard (and smelt) Gemma's fart in the house, had this to say: 'I've only heard you fart' but 'what came out of the other hole was good'.High praise indeed.

Gemma Collins2 of 17
CREDIT: Channel 4

'I don't wanna play any more games'

Gemma declared she was 'f--king gamed out' and described the tasks as 'having a job and working 24/7 for two days on the trot'. It didn't seem to bother her that every other person in the house was happy to get on with challenges in order to get food. She broke down in tears over this numerous times.

Gemma Collins CBB3 of 17

'Christopher and Gemma are playing with a lemon in a sock'

A neat observation of such a pure and simple act of two bored housemates trying to pass the time with a an item of clothing and a piece of fruit. Maybe that lemon is what ended up causing such bitterness between the pair.

Gemma Collins4 of 17

'I just want my life back'

Taking part in tasks proved so traumatic for Gem, that she broke down in the Diary Room demanding to have her old life back. She said she didn't want to take part in another task 'just to win a bit of smoked salmon'. Stand your ground, Gemma.But wait, she wasn't finished just yet...

Gemma Collins5 of 17
CREDIT: Channel 4

'Straighteners are what f*--king weirdos use on their hair'

Gemma continued complaining in the Diary Room, this time about how the house was ruining her expensive hair extensions because she couldn't use heated rollers. She whimpered: 'The f--king hair is frazzled.'

Gemma Collins CBB6 of 17
CREDIT: Channel

'Gemma thinks she has seen a ghost'

More fantastic commentary from Marcus Bentley. Gemma freaked out when she thought she saw a ghost. She clambered out of bed and said: 'F--k this, I'm outta here.'

Gemma Collins7 of 17

'Sometimes I do wish that I had someone who's very financially stable'

Gemma confided in Tiffany Pollard that she 'just wants a rich man to look after her and to have kids with' (OK, it's not very 'woke', but we've all been there after a bottle of wine following a bad breakup). She was ALL of us when she called life 'a long slog'.

Gemma Collins8 of 17

'I'm 100% pregnant'

'I know it, I know it, I know it' - Gemma was convinced she was pregnant and she even said she could 'feel it'. She told Tiffany she was 'sort of excited but scared'. We were just all confused as Tiffany basically encouraged Gem into believing that she was actually pregnant.

Gemma Collins9 of 17
CREDIT: Channel 4

'Gemma has found out she's not pregnant after all'

Seriously, can the queen please reward Marcus Bentley an OBE for services to TV voice over work?Gemma was relieved she wasn't pregnant because she's 'too busy' to deal with a baby anyway.

Gemma Collins10 of 17
CREDIT: Channel 4

'Gemma, ya silly c--t'

GIF GOLD, RIGHT HERE. Need we say more.

Gemma Collins11 of 17

'I'm claustrophobic, Darren'

Another day, another point-blank refusal to take part in tasks for the house. She then threatened to walk out (again) and shouted: 'I don't need the money, I've got money.' Gemma explained to Darren Day that the reason she wouldn't take part in this specific task is because she's claustrophobic.

Gemma Collins12 of 17
CREDIT: Channel 4

'I've never seen gruel before in my life'

That's fair enough - we prefer a bowl of sugary cereal or a cheeky croissant on a slow day for breakfast, too. But Gemma didn't even realise gruel is a real food that people still eat. She thought it was made up by Charles Dickens in Oliver Twist.

Gemma Collins Big Brother13 of 17
CREDIT: Channel 4

'Am I gonna die?'

The one time Gemma did offer to help around the house, she cut her finger 'to the bone'. But being the trouper that she is, she said she'd carry on.

Gemma Collins14 of 17
CREDIT: Channel 4

'F--k off Gillian McKeith'

More meme gold when Gillian McKeith kept ringing Gemma on the house phone. She told the house that Gillian was 'just talking sh-t'.LOL Level: 9 (we don't know why this is so funny, it just is)

Gemma Collins Big Brother15 of 17
CREDIT: Channel 4

'This has been like camping for me'

Darren Day tried to get all deep and 'this has been an amazing experience' but Gemma quickly gave him a reality check by comparing the Big Brother house to a camping trip.

Gemma Collins16 of 17
CREDIT: Channel 4

'I'd love a little unicorn'

This is the moment Gemma met Tony the pony. Gem and her Shetland went for a little trot around the CBB garden and it was a moment of pure TV joy.

Gemma Collins Big Brother17 of 17
CREDIT: Channel 4

'Kiss my designer vagina'

In the speech to end all speeches, Gemma said, 'I am as I am and I ain't gonna apologise for it or make no excuses about it. Kiss my designer vagina.'LOL Level: 10 MIC DROP

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