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Gemma Collins’ Now Magazine Article Is The Most Authentic Celeb Interview Of 2018

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‘Have you read the book hun?’

Ask any journalist if they’ve ever had an awkward encounter with a celebrity, and most will be able to tell you a pretty good story.

Maybe it’s the one about that time a singer they were supposed to interview showed up hungover and refused to talk to anyone, or a time they were made to wait for hours in a hotel room only for a reality TV star to turn up not knowing they had an interview planned, or the awkward celeb agent who tried to rewrite the interview questions and give them a 60 second slot with the celebrity.

Usually these awkward moments don’t make it into print, but this week Now Magazine published a hilarious encounter between TOWIE star Gemma Collins and Celeb Features Editor Hayley Minn.

The interview was supposed to be about to be Gemma’s new book, ‘The GC: How To Be A Diva’, but got derailed slightly when Gemma realised interviewer Hayley hadn’t read the book.

‘So you’re doing this interview without having done any research or read the book or anything?’

Luckily, the PR representative jumped in and explained to Gemma that the book had only been sent to some people, and it wasn’t available to buy yet, so Hayley really couldn’t have been expected to have read a book she doesn’t have.

Unfortunately Gemma felt that an interview about her new book really was pointless if the interviewer hadn’t had any access to the book.

This exchange, while hilarious, offers some interesting insight into the world of celebrity journalism. Gemma is totally right here – if you create a piece of work and someone wants to interview you about it, you would absolutely expect them to have read it or have some knowledge of what the book contains.

And Hayley is also not in the wrong – she’s been offered an opportunity to speak to Gemma Collins about her new book, she hasn’t been given a copy but in the process of interviewing would have been able to find out details of it from Gemma, and conduct an interview that would be interesting to the magazine’s readers, who she knows, enjoy reading about Gemma Collins. And as for why Gemma was unwilling to explain more about the book herself in the interview - well that's a question for another day...

The reality is – celebrity interviews are usually incredibly staged and far from authentic, it’s rushed conversation with someone you’ve never met before and the only topic of conversation is the project their working on – it’s like a bad speed date where you’ve been briefed by his best friend beforehand on what to say. Gemma and Hayley’s conversation is probably the most authentic celebrity interview you’ll read all year.

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